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The Source of Inspiration (Part 2)

Posted on: February 2, 2011

When we learned what the world had to teach us, when we claimed it as our inspiration, we gave up our birthright. We started to think differently. Truth stopped being something we just Know and transformed into an idea, an Opinion. It became That Which Sets Us Apart. My truth is different from yours and That’s Why It’s Right.

But that’s not truth. It’s an experience, an opinion, a subjective undertaking in the physical realm.

The Truth….is simple. It’s easy. And doesn’t require explaining or figuring it out. Maybe just a new set of ears. To listen with deeply. Opening to the grace of the moment.

Think, right now, on something that troubles you. It may be a small issue, or perhaps something larger. Listen to your heart. Then listen to the earth. And ask the heavens.

What do they say?

Your soul is available to speak to you right now.


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