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relaxed inspiration: the importance of down time

Posted on: February 6, 2011

Hey there. I know we haven’t talked face to face in a while – you’ve been busy. Really busy. It’s inspiring! Working, taking care of loved ones, trying to improve yourself… it takes a lot of energy. And sometimes its easy to feel like there’s no way to stop, because the needs never end.

So I’m just here to reaffirm to you that it’s okay to relax. Take a load off. Go for a walk. Meditate. Maybe even watch a little TV (gasp). Because this time for yourself actually will help you be there more the rest of the time – both for yourself and for other people who count on you. If you take some sweet me-time, everything else gets easier.

You have my permission. Now, to enjoy life a little more, the only other thing you need is yours, too.


2 Responses to "relaxed inspiration: the importance of down time"

I’ve found that part of making sweet me-time, well, sweet, is unplugging — no email, no Twitter, no Facebook, no texting. Heck, my mother is lucky if I answer the phone. In today’s uber connected world unplugging is harder than it might sound, but it’s also be quite refreshing.

On some intellectual level, we all know the importance of down time. It’s execution that’s tricky. That’s what it’s sometimes nice to hear somebody say, “Yes, it really is OK.”

Thanks, JB!

Thanks, Catherine! Excellent, excellent. In fact, you’re inspiring me to write on that soon too. 🙂

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