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Posted on: February 8, 2011

Right now, this is what happening.

The feelings you are having are the feelings you are having. They are not the feelings you wish you were having.
Where you are sitting is the place you are sitting. It is not the ideal place you wish you were.
What you are thinking is… what you’re thinking. It’s not the idealized thoughts you wish you had right now.
Your body is your body. But it is not permanent – and it’s just the shape it’s in right now.
Who you are with (or without)  is, yes, the person you are with(out).

This is your experience. Let go of any illusion that things are any different than they are now.
And, unless you choose to do something different, these things will continue to be the same.
Or, you could choose to change something.
So. What do you choose to accept – and what would you like to change?

Action: Make a list of things in your life with which you struggle. Identify what you’d like to more fully accept and embrace, and which you’d like to shift. And make a plan.


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