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the energetics of anger (part 2)

Posted on: February 11, 2011

When we’re angry, we’re literally trying to get our power back from someone (or everyone) else. In a fight, whoever wins ends up with more energy, and the other person feels depleted.

What’s fundamentally wrong with this strategy is its unconscious assumption that we can only get energy from other people. However, your true Source is far beyond this plane. It’s reminiscent of a favorite book from my youth, Flatland, a land inhabited by two-dimensional geometric shapes, which are disoriented when a sphere moves through its world. That is, we pay attention to just what or who is in front of us, rather than realizing that the picture is far greater than our immediate vision perceives.

Rather than sourcing from other people, we can draw energy up from the earth; this is why so many people feel energized from spending time in nature. Or, you can draw it down from the heavens. These limitless supplies provide more than we could ever need.

But we typically don’t see these. In a sense, anger is a reflection of lack. That is, someone else has treated us unfairly and it must be rectified, or we won’t be whole, or get our just due.

In part 3, we’ll try an exercise on how to shift this.


2 Responses to "the energetics of anger (part 2)"

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