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daily inspiration: how to increase your energy

Posted on: February 13, 2011

If you never feel inspired… you may not have enough of your energy available. Medical intuitive Carolyn Myss talks of everyone having a limited amount of energy – say, 100 points. However, this is typically not fully available to us. 10% might be stuck in a childhood wound, for example, and another percentage may be tied up in a relationship, with 20% filled by your focus on your work.

Part of the message here is that when you take the time to heal old stuff, you have more energy today.

And another: don’t waste your energy on activities or people that don’t fill you up. If a person or pursuit doesn’t energize you, then it may in fact be sapping your reserves.

Action: Notice if you feel energized or depleted at various points, and see if you can notice a pattern. If it energizes you, increase it. If someone or something doesn’t, do your best to spend more time doing what feeds you.


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