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daily inspiration: you are deeply loved

Posted on: February 14, 2011

You’ve forgotten again how loved you are, didn’t you?

Oh, dearest amnesia. You’re so good at your job. You make us forget the important stuff while we worry about whatever we’re dealing with in the present moment.

But the truth is that we have always been, are now, and continue to be loved. Deeply and unconditionally.

By our forebearers, who wanted to much for us. By our family, who even if they did things they came to regret and we came to resent, still hold deep love for us. By our children, and those to come in the future. By other people, who want nothing more than for you to shine your truest, brightest light. And by All That Is, of which you are a part, which pulses around and in you.

In fact, it’s almost overwhelming.

Yes, if you prefer, you can  focus your attention on conflict, cynicism, and doubt. You have that choice. …But is that really want you want?

Action: Spend time today remembering all the people who have ever loved you, and picture all those who shall. And send love back.


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