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how to build an empire (1 of 3): one step at a time

Posted on: February 26, 2011

My dear friend Perry, a fellow life-long theater professional, has an interesting honor: New Jersey’s version of the Tony Awards are called the Perry Awards – named after my friend. How did he get this honor? For being recognized for all of his work as an actor, director and teacher? For being on Broadway?

Nope. They’re called the Perry Awards because he started them himself. When he was 11. In his parents’ living room.

His parents were in the theater, and he decided there should be local awards. So he started it. Now, you wouldn’t know that easily now, since it’s a huge annual gala. But it began with a single, humble step, by an eleven year-old.

Action: Think about what you want to accomplish. Don’t get bogged down by all you need to do, and don’t even try to execute it at its biggest scale. Do something small, and do just one little step – but definitely do it.


1 Response to "how to build an empire (1 of 3): one step at a time"

These awards were first called The Avy Awards. And were started in 1972. It wasn’t until I left New Jersey and was working professionally in another state for some time that I received a call asking that they be renamed. That was in 1999, I believe. I am most humbled by it all, even still to this day.

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