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how to get over blocks (4 of 4): listen to their messages

Posted on: March 7, 2011

In part 3 of getting over blocks, we saw that a block may be an aspect of yourself that has a message, and needs more room to express itself. Another approach, for creative blocks in particular,  is that they represents something that might not be the right path for you at this time. Perhaps it’s more an idea that sounds great – or something that was more alive for you in the past. Maybe this isn’t just the right time to bring a particular project forth.

Action: If you feel a block around a particular creative project or endeavor, it may a sign that your energies should be placed elsewhere. Think of different projects on your drawing board. With each one, notice how your body feels: tense? relaxed? energized? Move forward with the one that has the most positive energy within, and release – for now – whichever ones feel more constricted.


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