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daily inspiration: read, not watch the news on Japan

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Whenever there’s a huge disaster, whether it’s the Twin Towers or Japan and the tsunamis, the media just loooooves to show trauma-inducing images over and over. How to stay sane??

Yes, it’s good to know what’s happening in the world – but traumatizing ourselves, and being absorbed in the Group Mind, is not beneficial. Steps:

  1. Don’t watch the news on TV. If you absolutely must see video, watch it online – once.
  2. Read news in the paper or online – and also read alternative news web sites and magazines for other points of view.
  3. Read blogs from people living in Japan – get the direct lowdown, not that put out by just the mainstream media.
  4. Only read once or twice a day. More often is just unnecessary. Fixating will not make things better.
  5. Visualize things improving.

Does visualizing help? Depends on your point of view. But I can promise that it’s certainly better for your state of mind, at the very least.



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