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daily inspiration: how to find peace when disaster strikes (1 of 2)

Posted on: March 14, 2011

Impending nuclear meltdown. Tens of thousands dead. The earth’s axis is shifted. What should you do? Panic? Worry? Run around in circles?

Here’s the deal: bad, troublesome, and trying things always happen. Whether it’s Japan’s earthquake and the tsunamis, hurricanes, Libya or other upsetting governmental actions, upsetting things happen every day.

But here’s another perspective: every day, amazing things happen. Beautiful things. People helping other people altruistically. Beauty. Nature. Love. These are  just as much a part of our reality. And for every one of the aforementioned tragedies, everyday people are committing altruistic acts of love and kindness.

Unfortunately, they’re not as newsworthy, because the media needs a story – and a dramatic one is far more engaging than the beautiful ones.

Next up: specific ways to find peace amidst discord.


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