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daily inspiration: fail really big

Posted on: March 17, 2011

A couple of years ago, I was looking at several possible options – and not moving forward with any because I felt that I needed to know everything before beginning. Of course, that’s not possible. So, to free myself up, my motto became: Fail BIG. That is, don’t worry about trying to “do it right.” It’s always better to take risks, and to put your energy out there, than to withhold it and somehow think that your life is going to change.

This is another aspect of the law of attraction: just Do it. Yes, the old Nike slogan. And allow yourself to “fail.” Because there really is no failure: any action is indeed something real. Perhaps the only true “failure” is a lack of action. It’s better to go down in flames, so to speak, and then learn from it and try again. Give yourself permission to just go for it.

Action: Take action, today, and do it all the way!


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