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daily inspiration: tsunami lessons (1 of 2)

Posted on: March 23, 2011

Once again, we have a devastating disaster that’s difficult to comprehend if you’re not there, or if you haven’t lived through something similar: Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. However, these things happen – more often than we’d like. 9/11. Haiti. You name it, it’s incomprehensible.

Except that it is. Natural disasters have happened, and will continue to happen. Similarly, our lives are fraught with peril: people close to us have and will continue to have bad things happen to them… as may we.

What can we do, aside from freaking out and living in a state of fear?

Rather than being afraid, or steeling ourselves up, we can choose to open our hearts. This state of vulnerability connects us with the power of being alive.

Part 2: The power of being open and vulnerable.


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