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daily inspiration: create opportunities (2 of 2)

Posted on: April 8, 2011

The best way to create opportunities is by noticing the little things. Coincidences? Perhaps they’re actually synchroncities, brought to you by the magic in the universe. Don’t want to go that far? No problem. But if you want to utilize the law of attraction – which is real, by the way – simply pay attention to what’s right in front of you. Maybe that person who briefly caught your eye will be the exact contact you need to move an idea forward.

By simply being open – letting things come your way – and active, by pursuing what you notice – you will “create” opportunities. In fact, opportunities are always there – we just let them pass us by, because we’re too focused on ourselves or perceived goals.

Action: For just a day – or, a week – pay deep attention to all you encounter. Imagine that something magical could happen at any time. If you see any “sign” – no matter how small – check it out. You never know what’ll result.


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yes, yes and yes!
walk in beauty.

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