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how to fulfill your life purpose

Posted on: April 11, 2011

You do not need to be thinner, smarter, faster or funnier. Salvation does not reside in imitating anyone else, no matter how popular or cool or rich or powerful they may seem. All you need to live happily is to listen to the beat of your own unique drum, which only you can hear. Follow it, even if it seems to take you to the ends of the earth. You have no choice; that is your journey.  You can live it, or choose a life of death and pretend. There is no in-between. Your soul is calling, and the world desperately needs you to fulfill what you were born to create.

Jonathan Bender


3 Responses to "how to fulfill your life purpose"

I would like to save this quote from you. I woke up this morning, clear in my mind and heart, as to the direction I need to take as one who has healed from Fibromyalgia. It’s a risky approach as in some will raise their eyebrows but reading this today confirms that I need to follow my vision, my heart, my calling and offer to the world what only I can. Thank you for posting this – it has impacted my life and my world in a marvelous way.
walk in beauty

Good to ponder, not sure what the would needs from me yet. A journey I am still searching on.


I love what you said about the importance of listening to beat of your own drum. If more people did this as a way to align themselves with their life purpose, we would see a happier world!

It’s great that you’re sharing what you know with others here. You’re truly making a difference, one post at a time. Keep doing what you’re doing!

To your magnificence!

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