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how to get to the heart of the matter (1 of 3)

Posted on: April 27, 2011

I just saw a blog post put on a LinkedIn group to which I belong. It followed the correct marketing structure to grab people’s attention – “5 Ways to…” – and had a title that pulled in attention: “5 ways to Take the Anxiety Out of Public Speaking.” Now, since I coach clients on this every day, I was intrigued to see how someone else would do it. Was it different than my work? Effective?

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. The author suggested that a nervous speaker simply make sure to include standard speech components, like a strong structure, to alleviate nervousness, and to only make eye contact with the “friendly” faces. But to someone who’s nervous, this false reassurance does bupkus (Yiddish for “zilch”). They’re still freaked out.

Part 2: How can we address core issues, rather than a polite nod toward them? How does true transformation happen?


1 Response to "how to get to the heart of the matter (1 of 3)"

Tad said it best when he said he stubbles around a bit and engages his audience…allowing them a chance to be comfortable. Once they are he has an opportunity to find the voice that fits in with the energy of their comfort. Enjoyed listening to you again Tad. You helped find my niche, I am still working with it, but I know once I solidify the boat the wind will be there.
If you get to read this..great, if not you will still feel my heart felt appreciation…It is all in the energy!

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