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how to purify yourself (5 of 5): rituals of the air

Posted on: May 26, 2011

Air is the realm of Mind. Let’s discuss a powerful visualization to clean out your energy.

Visualize a bright point of light. See it in the middle of the room, or perhaps a foot in front of your forehead.

Imagine that everything that doesn’t serve you – in your body, in your energy field, or even in the room – goes into the white ball of light. It could be a physical sensation, a memory, or an emotion. See it go inside the white light, until it’s completely dissolved.

Next, with your intention, send the ball of light out a window far away. Yawn, and explode the ball of energy.

Action: If you’re feeling out of it, try one of these. You may find a preference based upon what time you have, your mood, and the situation. Please leave a comment, and let me know how they go!


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