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daily inspiration: choose to love (1 of 3)

Posted on: July 8, 2011

So often we think of love in relation to the other person. How do we feel about them? How close are we? Do we feel safe?

Many years ago, when talking to a spiritual teacher of mine about relationships and love, he said, “If you fall in love, you’ll then fall out of love. But you can also choose to reside in love – for that to be a state of being.”

Intellectually, I understood. But it took a lot more time to truly grasp the ramifications, and to choose to step into it.

Everyone desires love. Could it be that love has nothing to do with the another person, and her or his actions and feelings?

Part 2:  A new perspective about how love works.


2 Responses to "daily inspiration: choose to love (1 of 3)"

love is something you choose. to live in love, to love another, to send love out into our world, it’s a choice we make each and every day.
walk in beauty.

From my understanding: That which we love in another, we love in ourselves. That which we hate in others, we hate in ourselves. Love is a state of mind; when we feed our minds with positive ideas, then our actions follow. We can talk ourselves into a good mood or bad, every moment carries the fundamentals of transformation and of manifestation. Every moment is a choice of direction… a choice of the heart.

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