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how to stop procrastinating

Posted on: December 22, 2011

Ahhhh, procrastination. It’s so easy to put things off – just…a little… more. Soon. It’ll happen. Right?

But of course there’s a deeper reason why it’s not happening. Very possibly fear. Fear of failure. Of being rejected. Of doing such a bad job that the ground opens up and swallows us whole. Hey, it could happen.

But it probably won’t. In fact, the only true failure is not doing anything at all.

Action: Whatever you need to do – whether it’s a phone call or a new project, or even exercise – do it badly. Just try it. You’ll learn from the experience, and the next time will be better.


3 Responses to "how to stop procrastinating"

This is helpful. I need to do all my school assignments ‘badly’. I need to put my mind to it and once I’ve finished an assignment I know I’ll feel accomplished. The procrastination cycle stops now.

In addition to what you stated, you could also break up the work that you need to do in segment, so that you won’t get overwhelmed. Thats one way that helps me out a lot. Thats what I do for hw, test, project, and much more! It gives you the confidence that you will eventually finish the work that is on your plate.

I dont think all of the time procrastination is due to the fear of failure or doing bad. Half the time it is due to pure laziness of just not wanting to do the work that they have to do. I believe once they find a way to slowly but surely finish their work on time they wiill slowly stop procrastinating. They will eventually learn how to manage their work and have a more confident work ethic.

Excellent tips, Sean! Totally agreed. Thanks for your input!

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