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daily inspiration: how to be successful

Posted on: February 26, 2012

This is a reminder that the Universe wants you to be successful, in all aspects of your life. Truly. All it wants to you do to get there, first, is to take the next step you need to open and grow.

Yes: The Universe – All That Is – wants you to be all  that you truly are, and to express it in the world.

We get discouraged. We feel alone. We think that it’s too hard, or that we are unsupported.

But this is simply forgetting. Support exists all around us. When we feel down, alone and depressed, we close down our energy, and isolate ourselves. Yet all we have to do is decide to Open, and to become aware of the radiant spark in all life, in all places, in every moment. And to let that guide us.

I write this to myself, both for the years in the past when I was really stuck, and for those days I am struggling. I write this to all I have own who I want to feel better. And I write this to you. Keep this for those days when you need it.

Because you’re not alone. Not really. Just walk outside. Walk down the street, and look at the faces of those you pass by. Choose to be present, and aware. Follow the subtle path.

And it will take you, organically, down the path that will lead to success. A new path – the one you feel inwardly – not that which society or others have declared. Truly being present and opening will be the win you have always wanted. Ongoingly.

Then, write your experiences below – please share.



2 Responses to "daily inspiration: how to be successful"

this a very inspirational post indeed , feeling like charged after reading it .
i will digg it for sure and already rated it as excellent .

Thanks for writing this. I am at a point where I truly feel alone. My days pass with few encounters and my overall social life is truly not there.

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