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dealing with dramatic shifts (2012 and beyond)

Posted on: December 8, 2012

Have you been feeling a little… wacky… as of late? Lots of change is afoot now. I’ve noticed a lot of wild energy and mood swings happening everywhere – often very positive, and at other times just bizarre. Sometimes I’m feeling just incredible, and at other times I feel all over the place. Really weird! I wanted to get a sense of who else was going through this, so I just took a poll on Facebook, and almost unanimously found that people currently feel like they’re switching back and forth between being really centered and pretty off-kilter. Have you noticed yourself experiencing any of the following?

  • Vacillating feelings and moods (like, sudden bursts of fear or hope), or changing your mind repeatedly
  • Intense interactions; those around you negotiating dramatic issues, or even family members facing life-threatening illnesses
  • Increased feelings of doubt about your work, relationships or other important matters

Yes, it’s not just you. I’m here to tell you: you’re not crazy. And you’re not alone. (And if you’re not experiencing this at all, be aware that others might be.) This is the 2012 change energy at its peak. It’s here. So… what do we do with this??

Here are some exercises. These are great to help transform nervousness around public speaking into confidence – and also help us maintain our center in the rest of life.

  1. Get in your body. Stretch, exercise, jump up and down… you get the picture.
  2. Ground your energy. Send roots or cords into the center of the earth. Often. And, if it’s your cup of tea, upon Divine Source or the Universe from above, so you’re centered between heaven and earth.
  3. Witness the ride. If you use any sort of awareness techniques, like Vipassana, this a good time! Don’t be attached to huge fluctuations. Know it may keep changing for a while. If nothing else, just take a lot of deep breaths and focus your attention there.
  4. Postpone making big decisions. Since a lot is moving all over the planet right now, and it’s affecting everyone, you may want to wait until things have felt consistent for some time.
  5. Smile. Get some perspective, laugh a little, and know we’re on a roller coaster. Have a little fun with it, if possible. 🙂

Hopefully these will help. If you’re dealing with this too, keep breathing. And stay compassionate for your friends and family. We’re all in it together.

…Been experiencing this? Please share, and leave a comment below.


6 Responses to "dealing with dramatic shifts (2012 and beyond)"

Yes all of this is currently happening around me and close friends. I pray things settle soon.

Thank you for writing about this Jonathan. Just this week my mood and outlook has been incredibly erratic – one day it’s fine-to-optimistic, and the next day it’s just not that. I also was just talking to my friend last night about the shifting of energy that is afoot. I’d like to do a better job of noticing, witnessing and accepting rather than sometimes going down a path of wondering if I’m falling apart. 🙂

It’s good to know that I’m not alone on this cosmic roller coaster. I’m going to listen to what the Universe is saying and enjoy the ride. Thanks!

nice to read… especially keeping in mind the humor part and the heck, hold off on the big decisions. even knowing you can/should hold off can bring some relief during crazy times.

You hit the nail on the head, my friend! 🙂

Yes. Thanks for normalizing the wonkiness. LOL Appreciate the reminders and tip on not making decisions…good timing and probably makes sense. I guess that would be like making decisions on one wing of a bi-polar episode huh? Might feel completely differently in minutes or days. Hope we are indeed headed towards a significant positive transformation (awakening). See you on the other side! 🙂

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