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Creating Abundance – through Alignment

Posted on: January 22, 2013

Are you sick of feeling lack about money, and not knowing where to get enough clients? Or, perhaps you know… and yet it still feels like a struggle. There are honestly numerous reasons why holistic practitioners, coaches, and other conscious, spiritual entrepreneurs who are trying to really do good work in the world find themselves stuck and under-earning. One frequent issue: we are not aligned in our truth. This may show up as…

  • Using marketing or messaging techniques that feel forced, fake or salesy… because that’s what you’ve been taught or see others doing
  • Not having identified your heartfelt niche or calling that really excites and motivates you to move forward
  • Not standing in the true power of your work – which means you may be undercharging, or simply undercutting your value through unconfident nonverbal communication (so that others aren’t compelled to hire you)
  • Energetically not attracting clients who really would benefit from your work – and who you just love!
It’s absolutely essential to step into our truth. Into our power. And into absolute integrity.

This can feel like a really personal issue… that must be dealt with in whatever way. So I encourage you to ask yourself some deep questions, such as:
  • What feels really alive in your work in the world? What do you love?
  • Are there business-building techniques (ways of finding clients) you’ve been taught that don’t really feel good? What are they?
  • What’s really missing for you in your work?
You have the choice to be in alignment. It requires A) letting go of that which doesn’t feel right… and B) getting any help you need to step into what is your true path, and to be compensated well for giving forth your greatest gifts. If you’re working with the wrong mentors, it just won’t work. And you’ll know when you find the right ones, because it’s a much easier Yes (even if you feel resistant)… and they get you. The right ones don’t try to force you to conform to a prefabricated system, but make sure that it works for you. Overall, the questions boil down to this:

What feels out of alignment? And what help do you need? 
Please share, and write in comments below.

Blessings to you and to all of those who need your sacred work!

P.S. It can feel really vulnerable to speak your truth on something like this. And yet, if you do, I guarantee you’ll be speaking for 100 people who read this and don’t write anything. And you’ll inspire them to be okay with where they are at, too. You aren’t alone. Please share!
P.S.S. If you’re really ready for a breakthrough, and want to get out of the rut, I’m forming an affordable “thriving practice” group to address these issues, and also work with clients privately on all of the above. Email me to express interest in the group, or set up a time for a complimentary breakthrough session, to find the option that’s right for you.

3 Responses to "Creating Abundance – through Alignment"

Thanks for your inspirational words — I really needed them right now. I have not been stepping into my truth completely. My “feminine” view of the chakras is so different from what is currently accepted as the norm (the old “masculine” paradigm) that I realize I’ve been a bit overwhelmed about how to share it with the world.

I’m feeling more courageous now and I’m in a cool and scary process of re-designing my entire website to do the following:

1) Promote regular usage of my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos through membership. I hesitated doing this before for fear of seeming too salesy, but the truth is, if these tattoos are worn for an extended period of time, one’s whole energy field shifts to a new, more aligned way of being. If they’re purchased as a one-off, they make a positive change — and the experience is awesome — but that change doesn’t stick. So, who cares if I come off as salesy — I am going to offer a great membership deal, so people can change their energy and life patterns for GOOD.

2) Put video on my home page — introducing my new feminine paradigm to the chakras. Spiritually, we are all a bit stuck still in the old way of thinking of the chakras — that they are hierarchical; that we need to move UP the chakras, that the upper ones are better than the lower ones. This couldn’t be further from the truth — and I am tired of supporting an old, outmoded way of looking at ourselves. All of us are God Energy — our ENTIRE energy fields are sacred, and some of us actually even need to move our energy downward more than upward (this applies to anyone who is feeling really anxious or ungrounded!).

3) Unveil my Chakra Life Cycle System. I have created an amazing system to tells folks where they are in the chakra cycles of their life — so they can have a better sense of the flow of their life and what areas they should focus on in any given year (career, sexuality, money, personal expression, etc).

You may recall that a while back, I did a short complementary Life Chakra Cycle reading for you — and you told me it was right on — as have so many people. I need to get this unique system out there — and not let its newness or magnitude intimidate me. This simple system can give everyone a better sense of the where they are int he cycles of their lives.

I could share more, but this blog is already more than long enough . You inspired me this morning, which is exactly what I needed to move forward on this web re-design.

Thanks again for all you do, Jonathan, and for leading the way and inspiring us all to move forward. Love and blessings!

VickieHowie you’ve got me hooked I want to hear more and wish you posted a website link. I’m writing and publishing a book on the awakening of the divine feminine and how that can transform our lives and the world. I’d love to connect, there may be ways we can help each other. see me at the book (The magdalene Path) page is not up yet, but you can reach me. or its oky to get my contact info from Jonathan. blessings and rock on what you are doing sound exciting and timely

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for arranging these seminars for us trying to succeed.

I do the work I love and want to do more. I know that I am good at it by the results that my clients have, always blows me away. I would like to serve more and yes, the results will help my family and community. Big projects I have in mind.

I am looking forward to learning more.


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