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On my 42nd birthday – some personal reflections

Posted on: October 7, 2013

Today’s my 42nd birthday. According to Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the answer to “life, the universe and everything.” The real conundrum, though about this answer: what is the actual question?

That’s a little bit of what my life is: a search for meaning, for purpose, for answers. Since my path is transparency and authenticity, I’d like to “WholeSpeak” with you – to share with you some of my growth over the past year and beyond… and, if you’re in a stuck or growing place, I hope it might provide a little insight or inspiration.

From Being a Starving Artist to…

…So, things are going really well. This year I finally broke 6 figures in my business. But that really doesn’t make me jump for joy. I’ve always valued happiness and fulfillment over money. After all, I’m a theatre artist as well as a coach: self-expression and truth are of the utmost importance. Yet, a few years ago, I had to come to terms with the fact that I didn’t know enough about business, and that I was $30K in debt from simply under-earning. And I was frustrated and depressed that the world didn’t seem to appreciate what I had to offer. I won’t tell the whole story since this is a long email anyway, but I finally really did the inner work, shifted, and in 2 months’ time had like 8-10 clients a week – during the two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s!! Soon after, I started paying for a lot of coaching so I could make my results grow and be consistent.

All told, it took me around two and a half years to pay off $40,000 ($30K plus another $10K in coaching programs – I spent much more than that, actually, but used a small inheritance from my grandfather’s passing). The truth is that every online program launch was about paying off my debt more quickly. Sigh. And this summer it was DONE! It’s amazing to now have money in the bank. I can choose to upgrade my lifestyle to what excites and fulfills me more.

In sum: a few years ago I just wanted to pay my bills by doing my own work. Two years ago I had my sights on paying off my debt. And now that it’s done, the question is: what’s the life I truly desire?

Tired of Not Practicing My Art

For the past few years I’ve sacrificed my theatre work (doing only small, side projects, instead of big creations like I had been doing) in order to have a real business. But I chose this from a place of higher guidance, because I got the clear message that growing my coaching business would not just be financially smart, but also transform me… and it has. Yet, I’ve also felt like a poseur in my theatre community; it’s been hard on my ego.

I’m ridiculously impatient. I want to do everything *now* – theatre, workshops, writing 4 books… you get the picture. Plus, I became single again this year and am now dating… and want to find that one extraordinary woman… which takes focus too! So what’s next, and aligned, for my life and business?

What’s Coming Up Next

Yes, I’m a kickass coach (I’ve been doing it 17 years – I sure hope so, by now! 🙂  ) and people love my online trainings. But what excites me the most? Live group workshops. It’s where I shine. As well as speaking, performing, and creating theatre.

What this means is (drumroll, please)…

  1. Greatly reducing my private coaching practice, or possibly leaving it. Note: if you want to work with me but have been waiting, now’s the time. Yes, I’m a little scared to declare that! Much still has to unfold. Also, I’m not sure of the fate of my online programs (see below).
  2. Leading live events and workshops. Whee!! …Honestly, I get a little scared about marketing these, because I know my community is international – for which I’m ridiculously grateful!! Yet, will they fly out for something that I’m deeply called to create? I know, though, that the transformation that happens live is unparalleled, so it’s simply gotta happen.
  3. More theatre, performing and live speaking. While I love helping others shine, I need to more fully claim my own voice!
  4. Being far more provocative. The truth is that I’m a provocateur. Example: I recently bought the domain name “” (which would have the tag line “Business as Usual”) to create a parody site. I feel so strongly that the world needs to be transformed and uplifted – and I MUST speak my full truth, and deliver my true message.
  5. A new platform. My work is going to shift away from mainly public speaking (although it will likely still be a subset of my work), directly into the deep transformations that happen when people work with me… personal power, self-love, authentic and expansive self-expression, deep connection, and more.

I’m dying to share the details, but feel I need to keep it inside to cook a little longer before I reveal it publicly. What I can tell you, though, is that my framework is that transformation can be FUN. Imagine personal growth workshops where you have more fun than you thought possible, while growing incredibly in a safe space. Stay tuned.

A few key things I hope that are conveyed here:

  • You can create change in your life anytime. It’s accessible… when you’ve truly had enough of things staying the same… and especially when you choose to get help from an expert who really resonates.
  • Positive change (in business or in our personal lives) can happen really quickly – especially if we do the INNER work first. Otherwise we end up just blocking ourselves.
  • Live Your TRUTH! Listen to the experts… and then follow your own path.

So, there you have it. Thanks for reading this whole thing – I know it’s long. I’m hoping that sharing my journey may be helpful for yours. What steps would you like to take to be more true to your own calling and path? Please speak your truth, and inspire others – share your comments below.


13 Responses to "On my 42nd birthday – some personal reflections"

Thank you for sharing your truth, your intentions and your ongoing transformation. BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS!

Thank you Harriet!! Much appreciated!

Congratulations Jonathan not only on being clear with your goals, but on also stating them out in public. I’ve read your newsletter to the end, just so I get to know you better since I will be working with you – and I never even start on any other newsletter, except for 2 people.
I am almost twice your age and have only recently started on my real life goals. In fact only recently discovered them so am not ready to air them in public; but I write this to encorage everyone, whatever their age, to find their true purpose, the one that comes from the Soul. Start living it, and watch your life become joyful and fulfilled through service to others.
And mya this birthday be one in a long line of future happy birthdays!

Such wisdom, Jania! Thank you for sharing your kind encouragement and lovely words. Looking forward to our work together soon!

Yay, Jonathan!

I love the truth and passion radiating from this message! (I also love that you referred to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… my inner teenager is doing the happy dance). 🙂

It makes my heart sing to learn that I’m not the only one who “values happiness and fulfillment over money,” as you so eloquently put.

I don’t think that it’s an “either / or” thing, where we have to choose happiness OR money. I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive, and I believe it’s possible and perfectly delightful to have both.

However, I’ve been feeling like a bit of an oddball in our community lately as people talk about their 6-figure events and launches, and that is just NOT where my head and heart have been this year. I’ve embarked on a journey of radical self-care and taken a stand for the health and relationship areas of my life like never before.

One of my biggest takeaways from Bill’s event and from this post is that I’m not alone. And that’s a huge relief.

By the way, I don’t know if you know this, but… I was TERRIFIED to launch my Prosperity Retreat Program (which is a live group program) because even though it was my dream, I didn’t know if anyone would sign up for it. So I can appreciate where you’re coming from.

That was 6 years ago and the program is still going strong.

If you’re feeling called to create this… who is doing the calling? Probably the people who will sign up for it. 🙂

Cheering you on,


Thank you PJ!! You’re right on with every single comment. Or, at least, I heartily agree. 🙂 Yes, there’s no division of happiness and making money, as long as we don’t compromise the former for the latter, which I feel is too common. Our business needs to serve, and be well integrated into, our life!

And yes, I’m definitely being called – by my people, by Divine Source… I’ll trust it.

I am really proud and moved by your journey and your openness.

Brilliant, Jonathan! I love that you are expressing yourself so clearly and publicly. Happy birthday!

Good for you Jonathan! Aren’t birthdays a wonderful chance to reassess our path and literally rebirth our dreams!? Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 I’m feeling resonance with wanting to bring the juice of my passion back into my life…mine is singing (well one of them!) Like you were, I’m also focused on bringing my finances into alignment but am realizing that perhaps I don’t need to sacrifice my deepest joys to do so. Here’s to including more singing in day to day life…in the car, with friends, going to concerts, jamming with friends. That passion feeds me to be able to fulfill my other intentions!

Thanks for your note, Kiara! Yay for juice and for self-expression, and to our hearing your voice more in the world!

Hi Jonathon, Happy Birthday! Thank you for making the time to share your truth and to speak from your heart…which made my reading even way more enjoyable and well worth the walk along with you and your words of unfoldment. I celebrate you and your day of rebirth…and as the visionary artist who is saying Yes to something bigger than you. l’d like to think that perhaps by you following this energy of Knowing that what you’re preparing for – all your heart desires’… will be and is being provided for in ways bigger than you can comprehend. So you’re for something amazing..the time of your life! Thank you again for inspiring so many and for holding the space for many to shine…and I look forward to applauding you from the audience smiling as you are performing on stage, shining brightly in your creative bliss! Ase!

Thank you Liza! Much appreciated. Yes, I always strive to follow the higher Knowing on my path. Blessings to you!!

I love this Jonathan. Life is truly an adventure. I hope I get to see you perform at some point.

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