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Slowing Down to Speed Up

Posted on: March 26, 2014

I’ve been going, going, going – both outwardly with all of the activities I named above, and also with deep inner work. While I do my best to also simply enjoy life, I also am constantly on a path of personal and spiritual growth.

While I think I’ve been doing fairly well at staying centered and not rushing, apparently I needed to slow down even more: yesterday I sprained my ankle. And this morning, my neighbor called me to tell me that I have a flat tire on my car. Hmmm.

Luckily, my ankle isn’t too bad – after all, my coach training program starts in mere days! But it was a message to look at how I’m operating.

It’s easy to subconsciously hold the belief that moving quickly, to grow our businesses, means that we have to be stressed and anxious, or even have a packed schedule. This really isn’t true. In fact, most people procrastinate a lot (which is really a block that can emerge due to various reasons, such as fear that we won’t succeed, the fear of rejection, or out of perfectionist tendencies). and don’t use their time well. Or, we can waste time Web-surfing or on Facebook – which feels as if we’re productive, when in fact our minds are just busy.

In fact, creating extra space, and slowing down, is a form of self-care that allows us to really get things done. This nurturing of the parasympathetic nervous system lets us prepare to take action. That’s right – it’s actually a functioning of the nervous system. We need down time in order to then be ready for action (or, a the sympathetic response). Incidentally, with speaking, publicly or otherwise, a pause functions the same way: we need silence to be able to hear the words better. And we need to take a pause to get ready to really move. Sometimes this is a moment; sometimes it’s a year of self-development and preparation, or focusing on other things.

Assuming you’re ready to get things moving sooner, are a few suggestions, to implement if you’re not doing them regularly:

  • Meditate. Do whatever practice works for you, or even just contemplate the sky.
  • Go for walks in nature. Nature energy rejuvenates, and provides space for action.
  • Move your body. Get out of your head, and just enjoy kinesthetic movement – be it dancing, exercise, heightened bodily awareness while doing the dishes, or other somatic techniques.
  • Laugh. Or, cry. Take breaks to just feel and express what’s needed.

By taking these moments to slow down and get present, you can then get ready to really move into action, and use your time more efficiently when working… and make sure you’re spending more time fully enjoying your life.

As for me, my ankle is already getting better – but, long-distance healing is very welcome. I can’t take those walks outside for a bit… but my dish-washing includes a new dance move!

How do you want to slow down? What works for you? Please comment below.




6 Responses to "Slowing Down to Speed Up"

Thanks for sharing, Jonathan. I’ve been needing ALOT of sleep… like 9, 10, 11 hrs a night. Sometimes, it’s sleeping 8 hours and resting in bed another hour or two. It’s been so important and I’m thankful for the spaciousness in life right now to enjoy it.

Thank you for sharing Jonathan, and it’s good to be reminded to slsow down, ad it’s my habit to rush… so I am slowing my everyday activities to make more time for spiritual practice and I know that is my top priority. This being said, I am giving you distance-healing for your sprained ankle today, half-way around the world, from Switzerland to California!
Much love,

I don’t know if you got my comment, as it is not showing up, so I am posting it again: I am also slowing down to make fmore time for my spiritual practice, and you are gatting a remote healing for your ankle from me today – flying to you over the Atlantic!
Much loe,

Hi Jonathan. Just came back from crying and composing healing music in the sacred oak orchard at the end of the block…this time just for me. Shedding old limits to move into bigger capacity. Thanks for the beautiful letter.

You inspire me Eliana! Keep on with courage. One day all of your dreams will come into fruition. Looking forward to Miriam’s Secret!

For me it’s taking myself to the beach….even 15 minutes there with my feet in the sand, whatever the weather, is a pure blessing…..renewal is what I feel and the other thing is to slow down enough to really spend some time in gratitude – it’s always time well spent!

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