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The gift of being single

Posted on: March 5, 2015

This is for all who are single. While I received this guidance for one friend, I felt called to share a version of it publicly.

For most of us, it feels very difficult to be single, when being partnered feels “normal.” You may feel out of place and different, maybe sometimes even like there’s something wrong with you.

Here is the truth: you have been given a gift – even if it sometimes feels like a curse.

But it was a choice made on the highest level – which you may know. Like me, you have needed time alone to more deeply find yourself… even if we haven’t always wanted that. And this time you’ve had will allow you to blossom more than you ever knew.

Dive deep into your own river. Drink your own waters deeply. The deeper you dive, the more the Divine You that you will become. The deeper you go, the easier it will be for your future partner to find you.

Dive deep into your own beautiful heart. Love and treasure it. Let it open and open. Release all of the walls you’ve put up to protect yourself. Open and open and open and laugh and be free and cry and shake it out. Release and feel and contract and breathe and open. Even if others don’t get it and sometimes think you’re crazy. Let yourself be guided.

In the meantime, you may meet other potential partners. Enjoy them. Enjoy their support, their affections, sometimes their love, and their play. Let yourself be comforted. Notice your own desires and projections and attachments, and own them. And, in those moments, when you feel deeply alone because it’s obvious that the person you are with is not the one you’re waiting for, honor yourself. Move on, and dive deeper into the endless ocean of your soul.

Trust every moment. There is nothing lacking in your life. You are on the path. You’re doing it right. And you’ll never be alone.


3 Responses to "The gift of being single"

This is beautiful!

Thanks Jonathan. After 30 years of marriage I had a couple of relationships that lasted about 2.5 years each. During that entire time I was aware that it would serve me to spend some period of time alone. Right on cue, I was shown a channeled message from Metatron that spoke of periods of Sovereign Solitude. It indicated that some of us have chosen a path of mastering relationship with ourselves. In these times, many women in their 50’s are choosing this path after having been in long term committed relationships. Upon reading the message my body was vibrating and tears were flowing. I knew it was speaking directly to me. I didn’t act immediately but noticed that I was becoming clear that my current partner was not “the one”. I read the message about a month later and had the same response. Within a matter of days we ended our relationship and I have been exploring my path of Sovereign Solitude about 2 years now. It has been a profound time of clearing, heart-opening and stepping more fully into my divine masculine and feminine Self. I trust that I am in preparation as is my beloved and that we will meet when we are both ready! Peace, Catherine

This post truly resonated with me on a Depp level. I have always felt the need to be with someone, to complete me. Like I am not enough or never could be enough just as I am. Filling that void and losing myself in someone else has always been so much easier than making my own journey and peeling through the layers of uncomfortable feelings and working to build new belief systems. I am confident that this journey will bring me to the partner that is “perfect for me” and in the meantime I plan to continue embracing the discomfort in the search for my true self. Thank you for your words Jonathan 🙂

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