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How daring are you in your life? Most of the time we act fairly conservatively – out of habit, and out of self-protection. The familiar is safe. As is gradual change.

But sometimes we are called upon to create a radical shift. Unfortunately, this often happens negatively – a car crash, losing a job, or a sudden illness – which forces us to reevaluate what we hold dear, and adjust accordingly.

But you don’t have to wait for something awful to happen to make a big change. And maybe, just maybe, you can simply step into that brighter light that wants to be expressed: the next version of you.

Action: Breathe. Close your eyes. Listen… closely. What is waiting to be born? What in you needs to come out?


The essence of purifying our energy comes from releasing what we don’t need and no longer serves us. For those of us who have very busy schedules, we’re constantly inundated with filling other people’s needs.

Taking a personal retreat is a powerful way to reclaim your own space, your own power, and your own energy. Ideally this would be 2-3 days. For example, one of my favorite things in the world is spending a spell at Wilbur Hot Springs – then I get personal space plus incredible, healing waters, hikes in nature… the whole package.

But even designating a few hours – to be utterly, unapologetically self-indulgent – is wonderful. Just to be totally clear, this is something you deserve. Which you should not apologize for, nor justify. Remember: the better you take care of yourself, the more you can authentically be there for others.

Action: This Memorial Day weekend – or any weekend! – carve out time just for you. Give yourself that precious gift, which no one else can provide for you.

Air is the realm of Mind. Let’s discuss a powerful visualization to clean out your energy.

Visualize a bright point of light. See it in the middle of the room, or perhaps a foot in front of your forehead.

Imagine that everything that doesn’t serve you – in your body, in your energy field, or even in the room – goes into the white ball of light. It could be a physical sensation, a memory, or an emotion. See it go inside the white light, until it’s completely dissolved.

Next, with your intention, send the ball of light out a window far away. Yawn, and explode the ball of energy.

Action: If you’re feeling out of it, try one of these. You may find a preference based upon what time you have, your mood, and the situation. Please leave a comment, and let me know how they go!

When I don’t have as much time as I’d like to to take an Epsom salt bath or get out in nature, using one of two variations of fire is a quick way to purify my energy.

I enjoy burning sage – either as a smudge or loose, in a metal or clay bowl – and also utilize others, which resonate differently. Cedar has a gentler feel; sage can feel like an energetic scrub brush at times. Sweetgrass has its own energy, and juniper is excellent for cleansing on the physical plane. There’s a type of sacred wood I got in Peru – not sure of the proper name – which is also lovely.

I recommend trying a few and experimenting. These are nice to smudge around the house (make sure to get the corners of each room) as well as around yourself; I also make a point to hang out in a room with a lot of smoke for some time, to let it “soak in.”

One other fire exercise: light a candle, and visualize anything you’d like to release moving through the flame.

Next: Air

I yearn to live in the woods, but my coaching practice and my theater company dictate that I be easily accessible to those who desire to work with me. While a house in the woods or by the sea isn’t too far in the future, I live in an urban area – and even though I’m a block from a beautiful lake, there’s definitely more “people energy” here than nature energy.

How about you? Are you surrounded by trees, water and earth, or do you need to make time to get into nature? Yes, simply being in nature is quite cleansing. It’s essential that it’s a location that resonates with you, and what you need. Sometimes a walk on the beach may do it, and at other times a 4-day camping trip may be in order. Regardless, try this exercise. I love doing it with a California Redwood, but any can do.

Action: Sit with your back to a large tree. Imagine your energy flowing down its roots into the earth, and also up the trunk into the sky. Ask that all that no longer serves you be released. Breathe into yourself the grounding energy of the tree, and the earth coming up into you.

When I feel grumpy, weighed down, and out of sorts, I know it’s time for my one failsafe means for cleansing out my energy: water. When possible, I go to hot springs, but this isn’t always feasible based on my schedule. So I take an Epsom salt bath, with my own particular ritual. Most importantly, it’s a hot bath (unless it’s late at night, when the heat can keep you up), with a ton of Epsom salt baths. Soaking for at least 30 minutes – maybe even an hour – does the trick. I also visualize, along with deep breathing, everything that is not mine (or even my own energy that no longer serves me) being released.

And afterward? A freezing, cold shower. No, I don’t like this part. Yelling helps. But it closes off my energy from outside sources. I learned this technique from an elder sage, and it’s served me well.

Note: If you try it, I recommend leaving some time to yourself afterward – preferably at least a couple of hours – to adjust to your new and lighter energy.

Next: Earth

I have a weakness: I’m empathic. Yes, of course this is a strength, and I utilize it every day with my coaching clients. They love it, because I know what’s truly happening with them. Another “happy problem”: I’m also a healer. My coaching, even when focusing on speaking skills, is transformational, because my clients not only learn great technique, but also change longstanding patterns that get in their way. Often without even trying, I’m doing intensive energy work on them to help them truly release what’s old and embrace their authentic selves.

Yes, it’s powerful, and I love to do it. But at the end of the day, or after several days, I’m worn down. It’s as if my energy was clogged up with gunk that needs to be unstuck. Even though I utilize and teach visualization and other means for moving energy, it’s still a problem for me.

You may feel similarly. What to do? We’ll spend the next several days laying out practical techniques – with the elements as a framework ­– to release what’s unneeded, and to assist with moving back to your pure self.

First technique: Water

If you want to get to the core of an issue, there’s one simple rule: dealing with it should feel hard. Why? Because you’ve had a block around it that you need to simply delve into – but have been putting it off because of a negative association (e.g., fear of the consequences).

However, once you’re in the discussion – or, possibly when it’s over, it should feel much easier. A weight will have been lifted.

Action: If there’s something you’ve been avoiding, you’ll feel better if you simply face it. Breathe into it. And read part 3.

Part 3: An easy exercise to deal with a difficult problem.

Nervousness, fear and discomfort typically arise because we’re afraid of being judged. Rejected. Turned away. Maybe even lynched. (Well, it’s unlikely, but it sometimes feels like it could happen, doesn’t it?)

In fact, this is a fundamental misunderstanding, which most of us have, about what people actually are seeking. Whether you’re talking with someone individually or speaking to an audience of 10,000, everyone wants to be inspired, energized, and moved. In other words, everyone wants you to be great!

And, in my experience, even those who are critical or jaded are actually hoping you’ll save the day. At a job interview where they’re asking hard questions? They want to hire someone. They’d love to save more of their time by that wonderful person being you!

Action: Instead of waiting for someone else to take the first step, wherever you are, go first and speak with positive, bright energy. They’ll be thankful, and look to you for inspiration. …What’s could be more powerful than that?

At its very core, why do you get nervous or fearful?

Because you care. Because something is important to you.

If you were apathetic to an issue or situation, you wouldn’t be nervous at all. But apathy is not exactly a desired experience, is it?

Wherever it may happen, and for whatever reason it rears its head, getting nervous means that you desire to live fully, and to be the best version of yourself. Yes, it’s good: it means you’re invested in life.

The dark side of this investment, which creates fear and nervousness, is perfectionism – the imaginary idea that it’s somehow possible to be “perfect.” This myth, aided by Hollywood movies and TV “reality” shows that purport to portray people’s actual lives, provides standards that no real person can match.

Action: Instead of fixating on imaginary perfection that doesn’t exist, and makes you uncomfortable and nervous, simply take action and try something new. Embrace mistakes, and learn from them.

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