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You do not need to be thinner, smarter, faster or funnier. Salvation does not reside in imitating anyone else, no matter how popular or cool or rich or powerful they may seem. All you need to live happily is to listen to the beat of your own unique drum, which only you can hear. Follow it, even if it seems to take you to the ends of the earth. You have no choice; that is your journey.  You can live it, or choose a life of death and pretend. There is no in-between. Your soul is calling, and the world desperately needs you to fulfill what you were born to create.

Jonathan Bender

O Inspired One,

How big are you willing to dream? How huge are you willing to be? And, especially, how much action are you willing to take to make those dreams come true?

Sometimes it can all feel like a pipe dream. But it’s not. You were born on this earth for a reason and a purpose. Only you can can fulfill that purpose. If you don’t, no one else will.

That’s right – your “competition” or colleagues won’t do it. And it doesn’t matter what it is – only that you utterly, completely commit yourself to bringing it about. This is your sacred responsibility. And once you commit, and take the first steps, the Law of Attraction is like an escalator that takes you right there.

So – can you create it in its fullest, biggest vision?

Action: Write down on paper what the above refers to for you. Note down any reactions (e.g., excitement, fear, dread, joy). Ask yourself if any negative reactions are based in truth. And make a decision, now, about what step to take next.

If you want to create something, it’s essential to take only one step at a time, as the last post discussed. However, it’s also important to visualize. As the Law of Attraction states, if you want something, see it in its finished state. Imagine that you’re already living in it. Focus on how you feel. Basically, invest all of your senses, so that your visualization is not just visual, but also involves your entire bodily sensations.

And yes, continue to take action, and don’t get hung up by it not being in place yet. Just give it time. However, don’t stop visualizing everything that you desire. It makes a difference.

My dear friend Perry, a fellow life-long theater professional, has an interesting honor: New Jersey’s version of the Tony Awards are called the Perry Awards – named after my friend. How did he get this honor? For being recognized for all of his work as an actor, director and teacher? For being on Broadway?

Nope. They’re called the Perry Awards because he started them himself. When he was 11. In his parents’ living room.

His parents were in the theater, and he decided there should be local awards. So he started it. Now, you wouldn’t know that easily now, since it’s a huge annual gala. But it began with a single, humble step, by an eleven year-old.

Action: Think about what you want to accomplish. Don’t get bogged down by all you need to do, and don’t even try to execute it at its biggest scale. Do something small, and do just one little step – but definitely do it.

We’re all familiar with the demands of the day. And it’s easy to push ourselves too hard – especially those of us who consciously work on ourselves. “Am I fully evolved…yet?” And by the end of the day, it’s exhausting.

I have a little theory, though: being exhausted comes from simply thinking that everything takes so much work.What if we entered every situation under the assumption that everything could come from a state of ease, flow, and grace? That we need to simply show up, be present, stay focused and relaxed, and let everything arise naturally? One might call this a state of grace.

Action: Today, let go of all stress around shoulds and move into showing up, accepting what is, and relaxed, appropriate action. And, if you’re not sure how to do this, begin by visualizing it, and see where it takes you.

It’s late. Maybe it’s late in the day, or maybe it’s later in life. Perhaps you procrastinated – or possibly you were just preoccupied with, well, living. Paying the bills. Relationships. The daily grind.

And yet there’s something still nagging at you, that you need to do. Perhaps a creative project… a new vocation… cleaning out the pantry… or something you need to say out loud to someone you care about.

No matter what the task, when’s a good time to do it?

How about now? Yes, now. Right this very second.

There’s a good chance you haven’t done it because it feels overwhelming – either in terms of the project’s immensity, or perhaps emotionally overwhelming. (Or both.) So. What to do?

Action: Think about something you’ve been putting off. Take one small, tiny, little step. Just a little step. Move it forward One Inch. And see what happens.

Some amazing change has been happening around the world – Mubarak in Egypt, plus Tunisia, and now the possibility of regime change with Qaddafi in Libya.

How might this be a metaphor for our inner dynamics?

Well, have you ever “forced” yourself to do anything? Made yourself eat right… go to work when you didn’t want to… go to the dentist… or anything else where, perhaps, all of you wasn’t totally on board?

And have you ever followed this up with a “rebellion,” with a decadent food binge, or maybe calling in sick to work?

This might seem like a silly metaphor, but it’s representative of our relationship with ourselves. Ideally, we want to feel truly motivated to do what what we know we should, without having to push ourselves.

Next: strategies to shift this dynamic.

Wow! I’m so excited. Really! …Why? Because I get to write to you here. No, really – while I love coaching and teaching workshops and doing yoga and all that jazz, blogging on inspiration has become addicting. Because it makes me focus my energy on things that uplift me, and that might uplift you – things that I also need to always reinforce within myself. Yep – it’s a spiritual practice. So suddenly, I walk around all abuzz about how to live life better and more fully. Not that it was completely out of mind previously, but it was just what the doctor ordered. Hoo ha!

So… what’s yours? What do you need to do that excites you, motivates you, and brings you energy throughout your day?


  1. Think back to something you love. Maybe it’s been days, or maybe years, since you did it.
  2. Whether it’s crocheting or playing tennis, carve out time regularly so it’s part of your life.
  3. Or, try something new. If you don’t have time for that activity, perhaps there’s something similar that might get you marching down main street.

Remember, these are activities – that is, things you do – not things you merely think about. Take action, and bring vivacity, motivation and excitement back into your life.

The week is long. The economy is in the dumps. No one likes you and your cat only pretends so that it will be fed. Yeah, yeah, there are always reasons to feel down and not inspired or motivated. But the sun is still shining and our basic goodness still resides. Plus, it’s your responsibility – so choose to make a change. Here are a few things to try.

  1. Get outside. Go for a short walk… even if it’s freezing!
  2. For 2 minutes, do nothing but take really deep breaths. Envision being filled with whatever quality is most beneficial. (More detail forthcoming.)
  3. Watch an inspiring speech on YouTube (perhaps a TED presentation).
  4. Write a gratitude list. Right now. Literally write (or type) 5 things that you’re truly thankful for.
  5. Close your eyes, and for two minutes, visualize how you will feel after you get done what is needed!


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