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Another tip on how to truly living in a state of love:

Source your power from the heavens and the earth – not from other people, as was discussed here. That is, if you want to get approval from others, and rely upon them for validation, you’re then in a push-and-pull dynamic. Sometimes it may feel good, but it’s also fairly guaranteed to swing the other way. Instead, do a grounding exercise (a previous post). Once you realize you have a constant source of energy and support, you can let go of the need for others’ energy.

Now, don’t confuse this with a desire to “detach” from others. Being in relationship (be it romantic or platonic) is wonderful. But it’s important to know that the true source of love from something far greater than another person.


Recently, on Valentine’s Day, we looked at the idea of being in a state of love – rather than falling in or out of it. The obvious question is… how? Yes, it’s easier to say than do. Let’s delve into this.

Focus on what you have to offer – not what you want in return. If you’re focused on reciprocation, your love is conditional. Now, this doesn’t mean you should just give and give until you’re depleted. That just means you’re without self-care. It’s a matter of focusing on giving from the heart.

But you can also give from the heart to yourself. Start when you’re alone. Visualize breathing in and out of your heart, per the heart breathing technique discussed previously. But this time, direct it toward yourself. When you exhale, instead of just giving outward, breathe from your heart into your entire being.

More techniques coming in part 2.

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