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When I don’t have as much time as I’d like to to take an Epsom salt bath or get out in nature, using one of two variations of fire is a quick way to purify my energy.

I enjoy burning sage – either as a smudge or loose, in a metal or clay bowl – and also utilize others, which resonate differently. Cedar has a gentler feel; sage can feel like an energetic scrub brush at times. Sweetgrass has its own energy, and juniper is excellent for cleansing on the physical plane. There’s a type of sacred wood I got in Peru – not sure of the proper name – which is also lovely.

I recommend trying a few and experimenting. These are nice to smudge around the house (make sure to get the corners of each room) as well as around yourself; I also make a point to hang out in a room with a lot of smoke for some time, to let it “soak in.”

One other fire exercise: light a candle, and visualize anything you’d like to release moving through the flame.

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