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Sometimes people asked me how I got into coaching, to which I answer: 25 years of experience, a BA, two graduate degrees… yeah, a long time. It was very incremental, and in some ways, I adapted a lot of other techniques and was somewhat self-taught – at least, I adapted a lot of other modalities into my own brand of transformative coaching and workshops.

But honestly, the words “a long time” are key. I had extended periods of what felt like teaching myself, or stumbling around doing the best to learn. For example, I spent my high school and college years both acting in theater and on the speech and debate team. For the latter, I had very nice speech coaches…who specialized in other events, but not mine. I worked really hard and did OK, but not amazingly. I had literally just a couple of coaching sessions with experienced coaches for my events. They made a lasting impact, and helped me on my way.

I finally hit my stride my senior year at UC Berkeley when I became one of the best speakers in California and did reasonably well nationally. But when I started coaching students myself, I took all that I learned and passed it on to my students – who immediately became successful. It was gratifying to give them quickly what it took so long for me to learn.

Action: Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Whatever your goal, find a mentor – and reach your goal much, much faster than you would if you were just on your own.


Now, why again am I writing this blog?? Why does it exist? And why are you reading it?

You may find some of the ideas in these posts revelatory.

And others you’ve heard before. …However, have you fully integrated it into your life?

To answer the question, I write this blog to share what I’ve spent a lifetime learning, and to share what I often do with my coaching clients. But, just as importantly, I write them as a reminder for what I need to reinforce within myself and in my own life

We learn through repetition – or, through a dramatic event that alters our lives. I believe that if we don’t take advantage of conscious learning, something will often whack us upside the head and make us pay attention.

So, come with me on this journey. Let’s get some reminders, learn some new things, and live life more consciously and fully.

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