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Sometimes we think we know everything there is to know about life. Or, our beliefs get so set that we’re sure of how the Universe works. Unfortunately, this also shuts down Possibility.

This also works similarly in relationships. If we are so sure of the truth, we shut someone else down.

It’s understandable – it’s a basic egoic reaction. Interestingly, though, you have nothing to lose if you simply open your mind to new possibilities.

Action: The next time you encounter yourself having a strong reaction or opinion about something – or someone – take a deep breath. Open your mind to the possibility of learning something new. Listen deeply, and “leave your opinions at the door.” Your own opinions will will be there afterward, if you’d like to return to them.

Look around you. Right now. No, really. Just look around.

How much did you really see what’s there? If you’re in a familiar setting, it’s easy to stop truly perceiving.

Look at one object, or one person, as if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it. Now, peer at it. Deeply. As if you could see its true nature – if you only looked with enough intent.

If you’re bored, you may have forgotten the incredible everything that’s right in front of you.

Today: Cultivate curiosity about the world around you. See things anew. Notice the small details. Breathe into them.

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