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I had a dream  recently where I was watching a play – not terribly surprising, since I’m a theater creator, director and performer (my other hat aside from being a coach). In the dream, I had watched the play more than once, always from the same seat. However, for some reason I needed to watch it again – from a new angle. So went to a different seat in the theater – and it looked dramatically different! Some characters loomed larger than others, and it was a completely different experience.

When we change our perspective, we radically alter our experience. Sometimes this happens dramatically, through a life-altering event; other times, we have a gradual shift, for better or worse.

Action: Think of something in your life that isn’t ideal. Look at it differently – perhaps by literally going to a real location you don’t normally visit, and thinking about it there . Or, imagine how someone else might deal with it – perhaps someone richer or poorer, with different color skin, or from another country. Your ideas about the situation are solely that – ideas. A new perspective will give you some fresh ones.


Have you ever waited for opportunities to fall into your lap? And then, perhaps, get despondent when nothing came to you? Or, perhaps you decided to “get out there” and Make Things Happen – only to find out that you were trying to force the situation. Being too passive – or, being too aggressive – energetically doesn’t draw in what we truly desire.

To fully utilize the law of attraction, it’s essential to be both open and active. These essential aspects of the feminine and the masculine (don’t think male/female – instead, visualize intuitive/feeling/ vs. direct/practical/logical) are needed in tandem in order to bring into our life what we seek.

Part 2: notice what appears.

If you would like to consciously create your life (e.g., via the Law of Attraction), your surroundings are incredibly important – in every aspect. If you work in a cement-filled urban area or financial district, it can be farm more challenging to be nurtured and supported by the earth.

And who surrounds you is just as essential. Did you know that most people’s income is the average of the 5 people with whom they spend the most time? Similarly, your energy level (e.g., enthusiasm, vibration, and qualities) average out, too.

Action: Make conscious choices about who you spend your time with. And if it’s necessary to regularly be around people who do not uplift you, find a positive, intentional person or community that makes you feel brighter every time.

If things just aren’t moving for you, whether it’s a creative block, or you just feel stuck, you can take practical steps – literally. Try some of the following:

  1. Go for a walk. Exercise is a great way to get the energy moving. Even walking around the block can help! Getting in nature is even better.
  2. Visualize. Imagine how you’d like your life to be, or whatever you’d like to be shifted. Engage all 5 senses, picturing how you’d fully engage with your new life. Reinforce this several times a day.
  3. Create the worst version possible. Get out of the perfectionist mindset by literally creating a horrible, terrible version of whatever is your ideal goal. I mean really, really bad. Maybe even two or three times! …Maybe you’ll just happen to find some gems you can keep.

Part 3: Opening to change.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a rut – or perhaps mired in a painful situation – it can feel like there’s no end in sight, as much as we want one. Conversely, at times, we can find change threatening – especially if we have things we like.

Yet, ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus duly noted, “The only constant is change.” Every moment is different and brings new opportunities. The seasons progress, we age and see things differently, and the world changes. Whether it’s political upheaval in the middle east, natural disaster in Japan, or a technological innovation that shifts how people work and send information, Shift Happens.

Part 2: how to get things moving when we feel stuck.

Last post, I talked about how we can grow from our pain. However, there’s yet another step we can take: use our wounds to inspire people, and to uplift ourselves.

As a child, I was painfully shy and had few friends. In fact, as a very young boy I developed a stutter when my father tried to teach me to read at too early an age; I just wasn’t ready.

Yet somehow, in high school I ended up on the speech and debate team… and did well, even amidst social awkwardness.

While I had many steps along the way, including becoming an actor, director, high school and college speech coach, and graduate degrees in communication and theater, I’ve ended up with my own business as a coach – a personal growth-oriented coaching and workshops to help people speak from their full power, and “perform” in life with authenticity, truth, and effectiveness.

Many others have overcome far greater adversity (did you know James Earl Jones had a strong stutter as well?)… but that’s my story. And what’s yours?

Action: Take an inventory of what’s been most painful for you in your life. What have you overcome, partially or fully? Or, what is still a challenge? How can you envision using it to inspire others?


I went to a café yesterday, and while trying to get to the cream to add some to my coffee, a woman was reaching across and was rather in the way of getting access to the condiments. She saw me and apologized, and said, “You gotta watch out for those short people – they’re pushy because people don’t see them.” (She was a bit shorter than me, but I hadn’t paid that fact much attention.)

I looked at her and said with a kind smile, “Maybe people see you more than you think they do.”

She said back to me, “I bet someone like you sees everybody.”

That made my day. I wasn’t exactly trying to do anything special. All I did was be present, patient (not that I always am, mind you), and notice someone else.

Action: Notice what’s around you. Let obstacles – people or otherwise – become  opportunities for noticing the gifts in your path.


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