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So, do you ever feel like dally back and forth between trying to motivate yourself to do what you should, and then rebel against it? Those “shoulds” are nasty creatures, aren’t they? They do their best to keep us in line. However, even if we “know better,” another part of ourselves is unhappy. It wants to be FREE!

…but “free” can also mean unstructured and even lost at sea.

Rather than having an internal process of hierarchy and rebellion, look at having a more “democratic” system. Imagine that you can have an internal dialogue – perhaps a conference – where all of you can discuss what you need.

Action: When you feel yourself clamping down on part of your life, or trying to force you to do something – or, when you find yourself rebelling and want to take an action that might not be of your highest good, have an imaginary talk with it. Ask it what it really needs to be happy, and what would bring greater fulfillment.


Some amazing change has been happening around the world – Mubarak inĀ Egypt, plus Tunisia, and now the possibility of regime change with Qaddafi in Libya.

How might this be a metaphor for our inner dynamics?

Well, have you ever “forced” yourself to do anything? Made yourself eat right… go to work when you didn’t want to… go to the dentist… or anything else where, perhaps, all of you wasn’t totally on board?

And have you ever followed this up with a “rebellion,” with a decadent food binge, or maybe calling in sick to work?

This might seem like a silly metaphor, but it’s representative of our relationship with ourselves. Ideally, we want to feel truly motivated to do what what we know we should, without having to push ourselves.

Next: strategies to shift this dynamic.

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