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What is the line between being and doing? Now, both Buddhism and critical theory discuss this. Basically, the concept that what we think of as a human being is actually a “human doing.” We’re constantly self-creating and reifying old patterns – emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, and so on. This personality is actually a composite of largely unconscious habits.

Consider what it would be like to do less. Or, perhaps, to just… stop.

Well, that’s a tall order. If you do any awareness practices or meditations, you know this – because the mind keeps moving even when we’re sitting totally still. Nonetheless, to cultivate an ongoing relationship with stillness is to let go of patterns that we don’t desire.

Action: For the next 5 minutes… just 5 minutes… Stop. Sit. Look at flowers. Breathe. Notice thoughts and desires. See they’re there, and be curious. But return to breathing – it’s good for you.

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