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OK, you really want inhabit a state of love? Like, all the time? Want to know exactly what to do? Here goes:

  • Accept yourself as you are – yet also focus on yourself as the highest possible version of you. And live it.
  • Accept others as they are – and relate with the highest version of them, too.
  • Forgive your shortcomings quickly – but also strive to make improvements.
  • Do small things that bring you joy every day.
  • Don’t put off what you need to do.
  • Be thankful. Do a gratitude practice daily… more than daily. Thank the Universe for not just all that you have, but all that you haven’t even seen yet.
  • With every single thing that happens, let it be your teacher. Look for how it can help you grow. Trust.
  • Take yourself just a wee bit less seriously.

Do it… I dare you.


Sometimes we feel we need to do more to be productive. We have to work really, really hard and “effort” through it. Work! Hyyyyahhh!!

But, in fact, we *think* we need to do more. No, literally – we spend so much time thinking about what we need to do that something quite simple becomes really laborious. Take, for example, cleaning. “Oh, I need to clean the house.” Or, “Oh, I need to clean my filing cabinet.” Or, “Oh, I need to exercise.”

The mental pattern is what exhausts us – usually, an act in and of itself is simple.


  1. Keep a small pad of paper by you. Every time you think of a “should” item such as the above, write it down. Then, when it resurfaces, put hash or check marks next to it. Become aware of how often you think these thoughts.
  2. If possible, do them immediately. If not, then let yourself off the hook until you can do them – and then do it ASAP.

“Effort” is not about the work- it’s about our perception of it. Make your life easier.


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