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Thursday night, I found myself wide awake in the middle of the night, with no explanation. Only in the morning did I discover that those hours corresponded with Mubarak’s long-awaited resignation announcement. Now that was inspiration – so much inspiration, in fact, that the energy stopped me from sleeping!

Seriously, though, this has interesting parallels. Jews historically refer to ancient Egypt as mitzrayim, or “the narrow place.” When we hold the Passover seder each spring, and reenact departing Egypt, we can also choose to depart that narrow, constricted place within each of us.

And now, Egypt itself has exited the vice-grip of a dictator. Which is something that we all should celebrate.

Why, aside from the obvious? Well whether you believe in a greater spirituality or in quantum physics, both declare that we are all connected. Let us take a moment to celebrate greater freedom in the world, and in ourselves.

If you close your eyes, breathe, and listen, you can feel it.

Egypt. Haiti. Uprisings. Acts of nature. Dictatorial governments. Killings. We all feel powerless and frustrated when these things happen. How can we move past this? What can we do to inspire others who need it?
  1. Let go of the illusion that worrying helps. Empathy doesn’t help either.
  2. Instead, breathe. Feel your center. Visualize sending love and compassion to those enduring the difficulties.
  3. Contact a reputable humanitarian agency doing work in that area. Ask them what they need. And if you have any personal connection whatsoever in the area
  4. Make a donation – something, anything – to help. $5 is still five dollars.
  5. Keep living your life the best you can – don’t compromise your own sanity or health. And encourage others to also help.


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