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You’ve heard endless talk about how we should appreciate diversity, right? Whether it’s gender, race, class, etc., we all know that we’re supposed to treat everyone equally.¬†Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Why? Because it’s habit to place people in boxes. In fact, this is a survival mechanism: if we know who someone is, we can quickly decide if, based on whatever factors are important to us, they are “safe,” or even in some sense “desirable.” This self-protection is learned through society and our family of origin. But it doesn’t help us walk the talk that most of us believe is essential: that we should embrace others, no matter how different.

Action: Today, notice someone you encounter who, in some obvious or subtle way, is different than you. Notice if you slightly pull away. Whether it’s someone you know well or a stranger, ask that person a specific question about themselves, to find out what their experience of the world is.


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