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If you never feel inspired… you may not have enough of your energy available. Medical intuitive Carolyn Myss talks of everyone having a limited amount of energy – say, 100 points. However, this is typically not fully available to us. 10% might be stuck in a childhood wound, for example, and another percentage may be tied up in a relationship, with 20% filled by your focus on your work.

Part of the message here is that when you take the time to heal old stuff, you have more energy today.

And another: don’t waste your energy on activities or people that don’t fill you up. If a person or pursuit doesn’t energize you, then it may in fact be sapping your reserves.

Action: Notice if you feel energized or depleted at various points, and see if you can notice a pattern. If it energizes you, increase it. If someone or something doesn’t, do your best to spend more time doing what feeds you.


The week is long. The economy is in the dumps. No one likes you and your cat only pretends so that it will be fed. Yeah, yeah, there are always reasons to feel down and not inspired or motivated. But the sun is still shining and our basic goodness still resides. Plus, it’s your responsibility – so choose to make a change. Here are a few things to try.

  1. Get outside. Go for a short walk… even if it’s freezing!
  2. For 2 minutes, do nothing but take really deep breaths. Envision being filled with whatever quality is most beneficial. (More detail forthcoming.)
  3. Watch an inspiring speech on YouTube (perhaps a TED presentation).
  4. Write a gratitude list. Right now. Literally write (or type) 5 things that you’re truly thankful for.
  5. Close your eyes, and for two minutes, visualize how you will feel after you get done what is needed!


If you’re going to start something, finish it – as soon as possible. When inspiration comes, don’t get distracted. Even as a phone call comes in while I write this, I have her hold momentarily so I can get this down very quickly. If I waited just a moment… the inspiration may have disappeared already.

So when that energy arrives, ride it. Surf. Go. Let it take you somewhere new and unpredictable. Trust it.

OK, sure, it’s best sometimes to take a little time to sit with big decisions. That’s fine. But not too long. The very second it becomes clear, do it. Without delay. If you wait, the energy will change, and may possibly become Doubt. Or Worry. Guilt, if it hasn’t been done in too long. Or, a Burden That Needs To Be Done.

So trust the raw inspiration and move. Don’t lose it.

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