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When we last tuned in, we were striving, searching, seeing for… The Answers! To life! the universe! and everything!

… and realizing how futile it can be.

So we return to the question of: might there be more peace, happiness, and joy within… not knowing?

Let’s explore this, for just a moment. When we find an answer, everything is supposed to fall into place. However, it also creates limitations. If we allow for not having the answers, and perhaps “embrace the question,” we allow for more possibilities to emerge.

Now, as the saying goes, there’s a time and place for everything. It’s not as if answers are bad things – but perhaps we need to wait to have them at the appropriate time.

Action: If you’re obsessing with something, think about whether now is truly the important time to know. See what it would be like to engage with it as a question, rather than needing to know the answer.


Everyone wants the answers. And we want them now. (Or, preferably, last year.) We must know! We all want to be skinnier, healthier, happier, more in love, and what investments to make in order to retire tomorrow (well, the way things are going now, in order to retire at all).

Yet, despite this demand for definitive knowledge, it tends to largely elude us, year after year. (Except for those who invent answers, and then retire off the money people give them for what turns out to be half-baked results.)

So… what would it be like to embrace, well… not knowing? Could that get us somewhere?

Stay tuned for part 2, with… the answer?


OK, look. You likely don’t just want inspiration. We all want to find the answers. How to enjoy life. How to make good money. How to have successful relationships. Etc., etc., etc. All those questions that sound so basic, and yet which elude so many people.

So what if… the answers were actually… obstacles?

…Huh? In other words, what if the need to find that answer actually got in the way?

Because seeking an answer means trying to find information. But what you desire is a new experience – not just mental knowledge.

So, perhaps, you might try doing something new. Finding a new experience. Which means doing things you’ve never done before… because what you’ve done thus far hasn’t gotten you there.

Action: Break out of your routine. Do something new today – anything.


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