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Sometimes inspiration isn’t about creating an amazing feeling – it’s about letting go of the blocks that stand in our way. One of them… grudges. Anger. Negativity. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with anger – it’s about getting in touch with our own power. But it can get in the way of being happy and in touch with our inner love. Here are some ideas.

  1. Picture them as a small child, hurt, not knowing what to do.
  2. Take your image of that person and imagine it’s a million miles away, growing smaller and smaller.
  3. Spend time loving and appreciating yourself.
  4. Know that someone’s actions have little to do with you – they’re how we were trained to react.
  5. Invite them to the world you want to live in. Talk to them. Tell them what you’d like to be there in your relationship.




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