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Oh, blocks, how we know ye well. You’re so good at surfacing when we want to move forward. But there it is. Perhaps it’s a creative block, and you can’t finish creating that poem / painting / song / macrame that’s awaiting. Or, it’s an emotional block, such as fear, frustration, anger, pessimism, or other negative feelings. Yes, those are blocks – they inhibit us from moving forward, and make us stop dead in our tracks.

So let’s look at some way to work with them. Here’s the first.

Look at your blocks. But rather than being upset, frustrated or, well, blocked, there’s another choice: honor them. Stop wishing they would go away. Perhaps they’re actually a gift in disguise. Like with anything negative, it’s possible to turn to it and say, “Like all things in my life, this is a lesson that seeks to bring me health and healing.” Ask what it’s wanting you to heal and shift within yourself, or possibly externally.

Part 2: mental blocks and the Law of Attraction


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