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Let’s face it: just about everyone has grumpy days (and, as my partner well knows, myself included). Maybe you didn’t sleep well… get tired of routine… had an unpleasant interaction… were affected by a disturbing world event… maybe even an upsetting dream. So, can we still find inspiration when we feel like we’re a step behind?

You bet. It’s time for some focus on how to  Turn that Frown Upside Down! …Okay, now, don’t throw up. We’re going to address several practical techniques. They’ll will be given in several postings, so you can keep coming back to the blog for new ideas.

Mood Improvement Tip #1: Help someone in need. Whether you give money or food to a homeless person or help a friend (or, even better, a stranger) move, try redirecting your attention toward assisting others.


Prioritizing? First things first? This may not sound especially revelatory, but in the Age of Distraction.. I mean, er, the Information Age… our attention goes elsewhere quickly.

So. Here we go:

Whatever is most important, do that first.

Don’t check email. Don’t get on Facebook. Don’t water the plants. Whatever is absolutely essential, do that. If you need to meditate, do that first. If you need to make a phone call, do it. Especially if there’s any sort of reluctance – take a deep breath, focus, walk over, and do it. One step at a time.

Action: Notice everything you are spurred to do, no matter how small. Write them all down on a list. Then, when you go back and do them, you can look more accurately at how you’re spending your time, and make conscious choices next time.

When I first started the thread on anger, I didn’t realize there would be quite so much to say. One important element that hasn’t yet been discussed: what happens when we bottle up anger? Or, when we simply let anger stew in our system unprocessed?

  1. It suppresses the immune system. Some say it can cause certain kinds of cancer.
  2. It creates a victim mentality. Other people are to blame, and we can’t take action. (Think about how you feel when driving.)
  3. If we can’t take action, it’s actually disempowering.

To reiterate – it’s healthy and human to feel angry. It’s caused by trying to get our power back, and can be a positive motivating force. However, it’s essential to process it. Whether through…

…choose to let it be an empowering force. Don’t let it stagnate your life. Instead, take its guidance and allow it to transform your life for the better.

So now we have a fuller understanding of the difficulties and obstacles to speaking the truth, or telling to ourselves. So – solutions!


  1. Speak from your perspective, and acknowledge that it’s not The Ultimate Truth. By saying, “I feel” or “From my perspective…” it allows others to hear you better.
  2. Disconnect your truth from judgment. Remember – your “truth” is likely not a fact. By stating it cleanly and simply, it creates room for someone else to hear more.
  3. When talking to others, say what feels like the essence. There’s a difference between saying what needs to be said, and processing/thinking out loud.
  4. If you feel yourself not wanting to admit something – to someone or even to yourself – that’s a sign that you’re not in touch with the deeper meaning of things. Try writing out several possibilities of what it could mean – and look for what gives you the biggest feeling of relief.
  5. No matter what… be kind. To yourself, and to whomever else you speak.

When you have said the real deal, you’ll attract to your life what you want – and ready the way for it to come.

Whether it’s a social event, mixer, a business meeting or a date, one thing often stands in the way: fear of connection. Now, of course we want to connect. But along with that comes fear of rejection. Fear of being judged. And a very awake inner critic that is perfectly happy to spend the entire time (and hours later) to tell us over and over how imperfect we are and can’t do anything right.

When I coach my clients and teach workshops, I emphasize a few things to help with this.

  1. Everyone wants you to be great. Truly. Even pessimistic people want to be inspired – they just need to have their faith reawakened.
  2. You don’t have to be perfect! Really. Perfection isn’t real, and those models in the magazine are airbrushed. They have warts too – it’s called being human.
  3. Not everyone needs to love you. Look for where there is connection and a spark of interest (on whatever level). Pursue it. And if it’s not there, just Move On to that next person who’s waiting – just for you.

Action: Today, try to connect more deeply with those around you.

Last week we looked at anger, the idea of lack and disempowerment, and how to find true energy from our source rather than from someone else (read part 1, part 2, and part 3 if you haven’t yet). Today, though, we’ll approach anger in a different way.

Essentially, you can boil down anger as having a couple of different possibilities: being stuck in a struggle, or as a motivating force to push us into a new place. For the former, you might be angry at someone (say, a relative, or someone you work with), and unhappy with something that happened. Or maybe you’re unhappy with an aspect of your life.

But is this necessarily a bad thing? No. Anger is a sign that you’d like something to change. What’s the difference between anger as struggle and anger as motivation? Simply changing your mindset. The thing is, you can’t change the past. If someone apologizes for a past action, it might return energy to you, but it doesn’t give you what you truly want: to set a new course for the future.

Action: Think of something that’s upset you as of late, either interpersonally or in your own life. Get in touch with what you’d like to be different – and take steps in that direction right away.

One essential element that often isn’t discussed when manifesting what we want, and not explicitly discussed in pop sources like The Secret: at the end of the process, you have to turn it over to God.

Now, how you conceive of El Biggie – the universe, the Divine Light within us all, Goddess, Buddha, quantum physics, the intangible interconnectedness of everything… it doesn’t matter. But you have to simply turn the process over to… whatever you want to call it. The important thing is to let go, and as the last post said, trust. You saw it, now let go and simply stop thinking about it.

Sure, you can return to it again in a day or two, but let go enough for something More to take over. Keep trusting. And keep doing your work, too – but let it be a process of co-creation.

One oft-overlooked aspect of the Law of Attraction, the idea that we can manifest in our lives what we desire, is the importance of emotional investment. That is, we must fill what we want with love and positivity.

Ironically, if we are not manifesting intentionally, we can fill our emotional body with fear, mistrust, or negative emotions. In fact, if we have positive thoughts for five minutes a day, but fear or such the rest of the time, those few minutes only make so much a difference because they’re largely negated.

In order to truly manifest what we desire, it’s essential to:

  • Trust.
  • Envision our lives already changed – not see it in the future.
  • Love our new life that is already coming into being.
  • Be thankful, and hold gratitude.

That being said, if negative emotions surface, don’t be in denial that it’s happening. Acknowledge them, and tell that part of yourself that’s afraid that it’s okay. Then choose to refocus.

Action: Today, create your life intentionally by filling your desired goals with love and affection.

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction – how to create in our life what we desire – but some important details are often left out. In order to manifest what we want, to bring forth into our lives what we desire, it’s essential to concentrate our energies. If you’re the type of person (like myself) who always has too many projects going at once (or even ideas of what you’d like to do), you’re spread too thin. Or, if you simply have too many things pulling at your attention during your day, the likelihood is that they continue to occupy your mental space throughout the day.

Action: To create what you want in your life, choose a focus. And when other thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them, but  tell them you’re focusing elsewhere now.

Next up: the law of attraction and emotions

What’s complex, and what’s simple? And what should be what? Here’s a thought:

Thoughts are complex. Emotions are simple, but thoughts make them feel complex. Bodily sensations, and all sense perceptions, are simple. Opinions are complex… but the truth is simple.

OK, slightly more expanded upon: the mental plane, and thinking and reasoning, can easily become convoluted and/or drawn out. A pure emotion, such as anger, joy, love, etc., is what it is. Simple. But when we start questioning whether emotions are valid, or try to justify them, it gets complex. And a bodily sensation as well as what is perceived by the other senses is simple (sure, it may be subjective to some degree, but it’s simple.)

Action: If you want to keep things simple… get out of your head. Stop thinking about what to do. Feel what’s inside and around you, and let it inform you.

Of course, we could debate this and make it more complex if you like…

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