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Originally this series on the Law of Attraction had 4 parts. But I feel compelled to also add that it’s essential to give yourself a break. “You create your own reality” may be true, but it also heaves a heavy load of responsibility on your shoulders. So much of how we operate is dictated from subconscious beliefs and limiting structures. In fact, my view is that much of our conscious identity is constructed of “energetic habits,” energy structures, that were carried into this life and augmented while we’ve been here.

That being said, we can only change so much at once – especially since it’s hard to see ourselves objectively, as being human is by nature a subjective experience.

Action: Choose one area of your life at a time to slowly transform. Be clear about what you are creating… and also be patient. And keep practicing self-love – you’re the best friend you’ve got.


We’ve asked the question: Is the Law of Attraction real? And I’ve given a couple of examples. Yet you may have a difficult time believing in it – especially if you’ve had many struggles. It’s difficult to conceive of things being so radically different – or maybe you can only conceive of change happening in certain aspects of your life, and not in others.

So perhaps you’re choosing to be skeptical and not believe in the Law of Attraction… or limiting its scope. Guess what? You may in fact be creating your own limitations. Why? Because the following statement goes both ways:

Where your thoughts go, energy flows.

Now, this actually includes both thoughts and emotions – meaning that if you have a daily affirmation, but emotionally you are still stuck in an old feeling and belief – it’s not going to change. And by continuing to reinforce your belief that it’s not real, you simply make it not work for you.

Keep in mind – the Law of Attraction is simply the latest iteration of a practice that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s not new. But remember the essence:

You are a Co-Creator, along with Divine Source, of Your World.

Part 5: Is there an exception to the Law of Attraction? Am I responsible for absolutely everything?

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, which basically says that the energy we give off, and the thoughts and emotions we have, attract back to us what we ask for. But the process may be unconscious – it also means that fear attracts what we don’t¬†want. A great quote I heard recently: “Fear is a prayer for what you don’t want.”

As well, if you are unclear with what you want, you will not receive back anything that is clear. Being unsure yields unsure results.

The opposite is also true: when you get very specific Рand consistent Рwith what you desire, it comes back in spades.

But is it true? Is this all a bunch of New Age hooey?

Part 2: Proof.

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