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The best way to create opportunities is by noticing the little things. Coincidences? Perhaps they’re actually synchroncities, brought to you by the magic in the universe. Don’t want to go that far? No problem. But if you want to utilize the law of attraction – which is real, by the way – simply pay attention to what’s right in front of you. Maybe that person who briefly caught your eye will be the exact contact you need to move an idea forward.

By simply being open – letting things come your way – and active, by pursuing what you notice – you will “create” opportunities. In fact, opportunities are always there – we just let them pass us by, because we’re too focused on ourselves or perceived goals.

Action: For just a day – or, a week – pay deep attention to all you encounter. Imagine that something magical could happen at any time. If you see any “sign” – no matter how small – check it out. You never know what’ll result.


Have you ever waited for opportunities to fall into your lap? And then, perhaps, get despondent when nothing came to you? Or, perhaps you decided to “get out there” and Make Things Happen – only to find out that you were trying to force the situation. Being too passive – or, being too aggressive – energetically doesn’t draw in what we truly desire.

To fully utilize the law of attraction, it’s essential to be both open and active. These essential aspects of the feminine and the masculine (don’t think male/female – instead, visualize intuitive/feeling/ vs. direct/practical/logical) are needed in tandem in order to bring into our life what we seek.

Part 2: notice what appears.

Everyone wants to be in love. Well, except for the cynics… externally. (I still think they really want to find true love, perhaps more than anyone else, but have also been hurt more.) I’ve written before on the idea of “living in love” rather than just ‘falling’ in love with someone, and readers have requested practical suggestions. Here you go.

  1. Stop watching the news and tuning into negative information. It likely doesn’t improve your life in any way.
  2. Surround yourself with people you admire, and who appreciate you. And if you don’t have this in your life right now, find it. Use or other online resources to find where great people are!
  3. Make sure your paying work makes a positive contribution to the world. Even if it does, work can be… well, work. So remember who is benefiting through it, and keep your focus there.
  4. Have a daily gratitude practice. Write down what you’re thankful for (or at least make a mental list). 5 things, every day.
  5. Open your heart to others. Take risks by expressing yourself more vulnerably than usual.

Depending on your circumstances, you may find the above simple or rather complex. Schedule them – but be sure to do some right away, and bring into your life (the Law of Attraction) what you desire.

Today is April Fool’s Day. While this is normally a pretty silly “holiday,” of which I like to take advantage, now and again. But there’s another way to view this holiday: What exactly is a “fool?”

Archetypally, the Fool represents having an open mind as one sets forth in the world on a journey. Rather than holding strong opinions (also known as limitations), the fool steps into the unknown without apparent concern for what may happen.

By being fully present, the Fool thus typifies our conscious choosing to follow Divine Flow, trusting that we will be guided. For those who follow the Law of Attraction, the essential learning is that we must simply do what we are guided to, and not get stuck in preconceptions or in our heads.

Action: Today, embrace your inner Fool. Whatever you do today, step into the world with daring, openness and wonder.

If you would like to consciously create your life (e.g., via the Law of Attraction), your surroundings are incredibly important – in every aspect. If you work in a cement-filled urban area or financial district, it can be farm more challenging to be nurtured and supported by the earth.

And who surrounds you is just as essential. Did you know that most people’s income is the average of the 5 people with whom they spend the most time? Similarly, your energy level (e.g., enthusiasm, vibration, and qualities) average out, too.

Action: Make conscious choices about who you spend your time with. And if it’s necessary to regularly be around people who do not uplift you, find a positive, intentional person or community that makes you feel brighter every time.

O Inspired One,

How big are you willing to dream? How huge are you willing to be? And, especially, how much action are you willing to take to make those dreams come true?

Sometimes it can all feel like a pipe dream. But it’s not. You were born on this earth for a reason and a purpose. Only you can can fulfill that purpose. If you don’t, no one else will.

That’s right – your “competition” or colleagues won’t do it. And it doesn’t matter what it is – only that you utterly, completely commit yourself to bringing it about. This is your sacred responsibility. And once you commit, and take the first steps, the Law of Attraction is like an escalator that takes you right there.

So – can you create it in its fullest, biggest vision?

Action: Write down on paper what the above refers to for you. Note down any reactions (e.g., excitement, fear, dread, joy). Ask yourself if any negative reactions are based in truth. And make a decision, now, about what step to take next.

Want to make someone’s day? How often do you tell someone what you appreciate about them – either as people, or what they’ve done for you? Whether it’s the person selling you produce at the farmers’ market or the supermarket, or a good friend, have you recently told them directly how they influence your life for the better?

And – do you feel appreciated yourself? Per the Law of Attraction, giving is the best way to initiate receiving very soon. Plus, it also feels good!

Action: Notice those around you. Express what a difference they make in your life. You’ll definitely make their day.

Some of my professional (e.g., business world) acquaintances know I’m also a theater professional, but don’t know what I do exactly. One of my ongoing projects is a one-man show on Jewish identity, In the Belly of the Whale.

When I debuted the show a few years ago in Boulder, Colorado, on the last night of the run, someone left a present for me on the set of show. I had been greeting people after it ended, and when I turned around, a wrapped gift sitting there, unlabeled. Upon opening it, I found a stained glass whale, that attached to a window with suction cup.

I never found out who gave it to me – but it still sits on my kitchen window, and makes me smile every time I look at it.

Action: Give an anonymous gift to someone in your life who you appreciate. They’ll never forget it. Plus, what you give, in one form or another, will come back to you.

A couple of years ago, I was looking at several possible options – and not moving forward with any because I felt that I needed to know everything before beginning. Of course, that’s not possible. So, to free myself up, my motto became: Fail BIG. That is, don’t worry about trying to “do it right.” It’s always better to take risks, and to put your energy out there, than to withhold it and somehow think that your life is going to change.

This is another aspect of the law of attraction: just Do it. Yes, the old Nike slogan. And allow yourself to “fail.” Because there really is no failure: any action is indeed something real. Perhaps the only true “failure” is a lack of action. It’s better to go down in flames, so to speak, and then learn from it and try again. Give yourself permission to just go for it.

Action: Take action, today, and do it all the way!

It’s truly amazing how quickly new horizons can appear. When we’re stuck, or in pain, all we know is the present. Ironically, pessimism and jadedness are self-fulfilling processes because they close down possibilities.

Yes, the Law of Attraction sounds like hype. But it isn’t. It’s a matter of simply tuning into All There Is. Because someone, somewhere, has been in your shoes and yet has created their dreams. You can do it, too. Really. Right Now. Change can happen this instant. But most likely, you need to prepare the way.

Action: Focus on what you truly desire. Open to the possibility that it can come forth. Trust its vision, and breathe into it. Stay with it, and let it emerge – or appear immediately.

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