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Feeling uninspired? Perhaps it’s because of an unending sense of obligations – the Shoulds. All those things you Have to Do. Even if we logically know they’re important – family obligations, work, etc., they can weigh us down.

Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to stop doing that which doesn’t inspire us. Now, this doesn’t mean to eschew all responsibilities and run away to Disneyland. Rather, pay attention to what feels like a drag. Once you release the weight, you may find you have room to connect with what gives you energy, and provides greater connection with the world around you.

Action: Even if it’s for just a few hours, allow yourself some true “free” time to dally about and do anything you fancy.

Thanks to the wonderful and inspiring Alicia Dattner for the title. She’s having a should-free day.

So, you need to let go – but are afraid that you’ll lose out. If you truly want to utilize the Law of Attraction, and bring into your life what you want – and also stay sane – here are a few specific things you can try saying and doing.

  1. “I trust in God / the Universe / Something More that I don’t have to do all the work. By letting go, I trust that the right things will happen at the right time.”
  2. “I let go of the belief that obsessing will obtain better results.”
  3. “By taking better care of myself, and less ‘care’ for a desired result, I in fact attract what I want to me.”

You get the idea. Try ’em out. See what happens.

When we really want something to be different, it’s easy to… obsess. Worry. Really Focus. Do Everything We Could Possibly Do and Then Do Some More!

…and, yet, it doesn’t change.

Sometimes the best way to have something change… shift… move… transform… is to just let go. Because when we we try so hard to Make It Happen (!), we actually get in the way of it happening. This is true with the Law of Attraction – the concept that the energy we put forth brings back what we desire.

One aspect of constantly working: we lose perspective. Even letting go for a little bit allows us to return with fresh eyes and renewed energy the next day.

Next, we’ll look at strategies for letting go.

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