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If you want to create something, it’s essential to take only one step at a time, as the last post discussed. However, it’s also important to visualize. As the Law of Attraction states, if you want something, see it in its finished state. Imagine that you’re already living in it. Focus on how you feel. Basically, invest all of your senses, so that your visualization is not just visual, but also involves your entire bodily sensations.

And yes, continue to take action, and don’t get hung up by it not being in place yet. Just give it time. However, don’t stop visualizing everything that you desire. It makes a difference.


One essential element that often isn’t discussed when manifesting what we want, and not explicitly discussed in pop sources like The Secret: at the end of the process, you have to turn it over to God.

Now, how you conceive of El Biggie – the universe, the Divine Light within us all, Goddess, Buddha, quantum physics, the intangible interconnectedness of everything… it doesn’t matter. But you have to simply turn the process over to… whatever you want to call it. The important thing is to let go, and as the last post said, trust. You saw it, now let go and simply stop thinking about it.

Sure, you can return to it again in a day or two, but let go enough for something More to take over. Keep trusting. And keep doing your work, too – but let it be a process of co-creation.

One oft-overlooked aspect of the Law of Attraction, the idea that we can manifest in our lives what we desire, is the importance of emotional investment. That is, we must fill what we want with love and positivity.

Ironically, if we are not manifesting intentionally, we can fill our emotional body with fear, mistrust, or negative emotions. In fact, if we have positive thoughts for five minutes a day, but fear or such the rest of the time, those few minutes only make so much a difference because they’re largely negated.

In order to truly manifest what we desire, it’s essential to:

  • Trust.
  • Envision our lives already changed – not see it in the future.
  • Love our new life that is already coming into being.
  • Be thankful, and hold gratitude.

That being said, if negative emotions surface, don’t be in denial that it’s happening. Acknowledge them, and tell that part of yourself that’s afraid that it’s okay. Then choose to refocus.

Action: Today, create your life intentionally by filling your desired goals with love and affection.

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction – how to create in our life what we desire – but some important details are often left out. In order to manifest what we want, to bring forth into our lives what we desire, it’s essential to concentrate our energies. If you’re the type of person (like myself) who always has too many projects going at once (or even ideas of what you’d like to do), you’re spread too thin. Or, if you simply have too many things pulling at your attention during your day, the likelihood is that they continue to occupy your mental space throughout the day.

Action: To create what you want in your life, choose a focus. And when other thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them, but  tell them you’re focusing elsewhere now.

Next up: the law of attraction and emotions

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