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Part 2 was one example of how it works… Need more? Here’s another great Law of Attraction story. I was just at a great networking event run by the incomparable Patrick Schwerdtfeger, a social media guru and international speaker. While chatting, we started discussing the Law of Attraction, and he mentioned that he’s spoken everywhere in the world he desires. His method?

“When I want to speak in a country, I pull out my smartphone,” Patrick told me. “I go to my weather app, and add that country as one of my saved locations. I then focus on that country every time I check the weather. Soon after, I’ll get a call for a speaking engagement there.” Aruba? Check. Cancun? Yup. India? Got it.

..By the way, speaking of IndiaI’ll be co-leading a two-week trip to India in January – a traveling spiritual workshop and journey – along with my partner Alicia Dattner (known for her comedic solo performance about her travels to India, Eat, Pray, Laugh! Want to join us? 

Part 4: The power of disbelieving.


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