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I went to a café yesterday, and while trying to get to the cream to add some to my coffee, a woman was reaching across and was rather in the way of getting access to the condiments. She saw me and apologized, and said, “You gotta watch out for those short people – they’re pushy because people don’t see them.” (She was a bit shorter than me, but I hadn’t paid that fact much attention.)

I looked at her and said with a kind smile, “Maybe people see you more than you think they do.”

She said back to me, “I bet someone like you sees everybody.”

That made my day. I wasn’t exactly trying to do anything special. All I did was be present, patient (not that I always am, mind you), and notice someone else.

Action: Notice what’s around you. Let obstacles – people or otherwise – become  opportunities for noticing the gifts in your path.



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