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When I first started the thread on anger, I didn’t realize there would be quite so much to say. One important element that hasn’t yet been discussed: what happens when we bottle up anger? Or, when we simply let anger stew in our system unprocessed?

  1. It suppresses the immune system. Some say it can cause certain kinds of cancer.
  2. It creates a victim mentality. Other people are to blame, and we can’t take action. (Think about how you feel when driving.)
  3. If we can’t take action, it’s actually disempowering.

To reiterate – it’s healthy and human to feel angry. It’s caused by trying to get our power back, and can be a positive motivating force. However, it’s essential to process it. Whether through…

…choose to let it be an empowering force. Don’t let it stagnate your life. Instead, take its guidance and allow it to transform your life for the better.


Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty…

are we there yet?

OK, we know that we don’t have enough freedom due to (among other things) an unrealistic perfectionist mindset, as well as because we’ve embodied societal norms that limit our behaviors. Now let’s do more than talk about this inner freedom thing. Here are a few things you can try.

  1. Mental strategies. When you encounter a limiting belief or a emotion, do some research on it. Google around, and learn about people (or perhaps cultures) who handling it differently.
  2. Emotional shifts. Sometimes it’s helpful, when we’re having a hard time, to identify which part of ourselves feels limited. For example, it could be that inner child who’s feeling wounded, or even a rebellious inner teenager. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and see if you get a feel for it. Regardless of whether this is clear, picture sending love and acceptance to that constricted parts of yourself. Appreciate it. And tell it that you’ll give it room to express itself in the world more fully.
  3. Embodied moves. Beginning with the body can be a powerful way to create transformation. Sit up straight, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Usually limitations cause a feeling of constriction in a localized part of the body. As you breathe deeply, visualize sending the breath into that part of the body. Give it extra room for the sensation to expand – even outside of the physical body. Imagine that you can take up as much space as needed in order to feel expansive and free.

More ideas coming later. In the meantime – do you have means that you use?

There’s a strong relationship between freedom and permission. Can we fully express ourselves in the world? Is it okay to do this or that? What will happen if we do? What would people say??

Sounds rather Victorian, doesn’t it?

Well, my American readers will recall that we have Puritan roots. Perhaps our inner critics can be a bit… puritanical. Which is defined as “of, relating to, or characterized by a rigid morality,” or “rigidly austere.” Ouch. A little strict there – not a whole lot of room to move around.

The fear, of course, is that being “permissive” will lead to behavior that is a little too free-wheelin’. That we’d do things that are just a bit too unorthodox… and that we’d be rejected. Society has dictated the norms, and we’re following along. (Ironically, even we rebel, that can be its own norm unto itself.)

So how can we create more freedom? Stay tuned for part 3.


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