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Passover, the 8th and last day of which is today, can be wrapped up with the word persistence. However,  when we are working to creatwhat does it take in order to keep our energy focused – especially when the odds seem tough?

  1. Support. This comes through connection with something greater than yourself. The most tangible form is through community. It’s essential to be aligned with others who believe in you. Meet regularly. Connect. Don’t go it alone. And, if you believe in a divine power, that’s another strong form of support.
  2. Clarity. Being clear about you desire is the best way to bring it into reality. Of course, sometimes we don’t know what form this will take. For example, you may know you want a new job, but don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing. In this case, it’s better to visualize yourself being happy, being in a positive atmosphere, and doing work that’s for the betterment of others (for example), than knowing your duties.
  3. Action. Don’t just sit on your duff, waiting for change to come to you. Try things! Even if they’re not right in the end, this process of elimination narrows down the possibilities to bring in what you truly desire.

Sometimes we need more personal support to make this happen. Please contact me if you’d like personal help with creating transformation in your life – we can schedule time to chat, free of charge, to look at how to move things in a wonderful new direction.

Regardless of your religious orientation, background or beliefs, may the  story of Passover inspire you to reexamine what needs to transform within your life, and find greater freedom, joy and vivacity wherever you go, and whatever you do.


How much persistence do you have when things are tough? You want to attract into your life something new? Great. How much do you call upon something greater – and continue to move forward even when there’s no sign of change?

Midrash (the oral learning tradition of the Jews) says that Red Sea didn’t simply part. Not until the Jews were so deep into the water that the water was literally up to their noses – not until then – did the seas part and allow the Jewish people to cross. Now that’s dedication.

If you want radical transformation in your life, the most important element is trust. Envision what you truly desire, and hold steadfast. Of course, it’s essential to make sure that what we desire is aligned with what’s in our highest good. But if so, we must hold steadfast.

Part 3: The three essential components needed for radical transformation to happen.

Sometimes it feels like we’re just stuck. Things have been as they are, and try as you might, nothing budges. (Even if you’re trying to use the Law of Attraction.) Or, perhaps something small does come about, but it’s so incremental that we don’t feel like we’re moving forward. Contextualize this, now, within Passover.

It took a leader – Moses – who was willing to let go of absolutely every privilege and possession. It required a lot of prayer, turning things over to something greater than an individual human being (or, even a people). And it took multiple actions from God – ten horrific plagues – for the Egyptian Pharaoh to relent and let the Jewish people be free.

Not only that – once Pharaoh had a change of heart, it required the Divine to part the Red Sea to assist the fleeing Hebrew people.

A lot of effort, nu?

Part 2: radical change requires radical trust

Tonight is the second night of Passover. Growing up, I was Jewish, yes, but in a not-very-practicing household. I only knew that Shabbat was on Friday night, unaware that it actually lasted 25 hours (sunset Friday to just past sunset Saturday). Similarly, I assumed that Passover seders (the ceremony and traditional meal) were only the first night – with no idea that many Jewish households held them the second night as well! So the main question: if it’s the same thing… why do it again? Repetition is boring, right? Or, can it be… transformative?

Many households conduct the exact same seder both nights. But it’s an opportunity to deepen one’s relationship to it. Instead of glossing over it and wishing it away, you could choose to delve into the meaning and experience new things, because you’re able to now focus on different details than may have originally preoccupied you.

This is the same, of course, for anything. In my coaching work, I prescribe exercises that, for maximum transformation, must be done daily. Will you always be fascinated by them? Not necessarily. Yet – boredom is a surface reaction. It means that one is not truly being present, and understanding that the present moment, inherently different from every other moment in time, offers a unique opportunity.

Action: Make a list of what rituals you do often. Notice when your attention wanes and you “check out.” Choose to approach each new iteration as a mystery and an opportunity.

Tonight begins the Jewish holiday of Passover, or Pesach, which commemorates when the Jewish people, enslaved in Egypt, escaped the oppressive thumb of the Pharaoh to go forth unto the Promised Land. For many remembering this time, it’s a holiday with a fun little ritual and a great feast the first couple of nights.

However, the inner meaning of the holiday is quite profound. What does it mean to view ourselves as slaves? In what ways are we enslaved, and how can we find true freedom both within, and within societal confines?

This week’s blogging includes a reflection each day about how we can choose freedom, in all aspects of our lives.

Part 2: the “narrow place” within

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