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Let’s face it: just about everyone has grumpy days (and, as my partner well knows, myself included). Maybe you didn’t sleep well… get tired of routine… had an unpleasant interaction… were affected by a disturbing world event… maybe even an upsetting dream. So, can we still find inspiration when we feel like we’re a step behind?

You bet. It’s time for some focus on how to ┬áTurn that Frown Upside Down! …Okay, now, don’t throw up. We’re going to address several practical techniques. They’ll will be given in several postings, so you can keep coming back to the blog for new ideas.

Mood Improvement Tip #1: Help someone in need. Whether you give money or food to a homeless person or help a friend (or, even better, a stranger) move, try redirecting your attention toward assisting others.


Inspiration. The idea that one person can positively affect someone else. Just by reading some words.

Honestly, that makes me a little doubtful. Li’l ol’ me? Aw, shucks – really?

Perhaps I can’t say anything that you don’t already know. But it’s easy to forget, ain’t it? Because we’re surrounded by lies. That the world is out of control. That we can’t really make a difference. That we’re not enough. But isn’t the whole hell-in-a-handbasket thing getting tiresome?

I strive here to simply speak the truth. To remind you that you already have all the resources you need. And that the answer, often, is simply about getting still, and listening. No, not to me. Listen to that still, small voice. And let it grow bigger.

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